Best Ursin player.

I've been noticing since reaching 110 that I started recognizing players I've killed before and it made me think. Has anyone come across someone who is unbeatable or ridiculously insane. Who are the best players on Ursin?
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Falco the gnome lock from the guild The Black Company.... SL/SL locks were so OP I tried killing him so many times up in elemental plateau but failed haah
04/11/2018 01:36 AMPosted by Babymicro
Hes my real life friend, and I remember when there were a lot of horde players preaching all kinds of hate on these forums about him owning them. I'll give him props. I play on the server, and hes hunted me down. Can't deny it

Also who else shames another wow player using a white poster board on national tv.
Classic, think her name was Penelope.
Tripsix = ok
Considering how super dead these 4 server clusters are :( could be anyone.
i haven't... but good to see you, man!! you been up to your usual stormwind shenanigans?

Ofcourse. SHould have been in the pvp groups while I was trolling. It was as if 13 years was yesterday

eddf is of course

Legend has it that bigfatjerk was NEVER slain, ever.