Best race for Warlock?

Hi guys.
I am looking to invest in a Warlock for Shadowlands and I would like to know: which are the best races for Warlock in the Horde?
Focus will be on PvP, but I will also do PvE.
Anyone who can give an opinion I would thank a lot.

Orc is the best.

Second best would be Undead

Edit : that’s for PVP

Well for pure pve dps, troll is best

Orc is my personal favorite. They get stun reduction which is one of the best racials for PvP, as well as getting increased pet damage and a dps cd with blood fury

Undead racial is good for PvP, but sees minimal use in pve

Nightbourne get 1% magic damage so it’s decent

Vulpera idk, I’ve never played one

Personally I’d choose orc. Their racials are strong in PvP and pve, and it’ll give you the most use if you plan on doing both

Also side note, orcs look really good in armor. Females are pretty well proportioned, and males have those epic shoulders. They also make a lot of sense lore wise. They’re one of the only races that has lore to back up why they’re a warlock. Plus being corrupted by felblood is cool

PvP it’s definitely orc. Unless you’re mythic raiding I would go orc because it matters more in pvp than pve

I will create Orc. Thank you all for your help and answers. :smiley: :smiley:

Orc master race

What about Void Elf?

the objective differences are negligible so lean on subjective differences and play what you think is coolest.

Holy mother of Necro Batman…


Dark iron Dwarves are my favorite warlocks, an evil fire beard eye glowing dwarf who summons demons, what else could you want?

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