Best pve spec

I’ve been so focused on my dk that I forgot I have three other 120s. I’m combat right now but the last time I played him was at around the start of bfa.
What’s the best pve spec right now? When I raid, I see a bit of Roll the Bones being used. I’m combat now because I want to say that was the spec at the start but is it different now?

Sin is generally better for raids while outlaw shines in mythic plus

Would you recommend sin for dungeons and while I gear up? Besides some ah gear my rogue is pretty much completely undergeared.

Sin is totally viable in dungeons. That’s why my Rogue is. Lacks a little in the AoE department compared to Outlaw, but pulls ahead in single target.

If you’ve got daggers, go with Assassination until you get some Maces/Axes/Swords to roll Outlaw (if that’s what you’re wanting to play)

What about for a basically fresh 120? I’m not even sure that I’m done with the darkshore questline. Like I said, my gear is all ah bought.

For PvE they’re pretty on par with one another. Go with whatever you feel like playing :slight_smile:

Sin and Outlaw are both good choices. I found Outlaw much easier to get decent weapons on though. Meanwhile, a month of loot spec on sin and I still only have one 430 dagger which was from conquest.

If you have any manapearls on your other characters and have unlocked it, you can always buy benthic gear and send it to your rogue.

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You’re a saint.

Lot more weapon choices to choose from. Bigger loot table lol

I’m disabled so I have all the time in the world lol. Rogue was my first character and I played him from the end of bc until my accident at the start of wod and I was always sin. I like outlaw because I feel like a pirate but sin was so easy.