Best profession for Void Elf Spriest?

Hello all. As for RPing goes, I main a Void Elf Shadow Priest (called Void Mage) and I’m seeking a profession that fits his theme of a dark mage.

Right now he has Mining and Engineering, but I am not sure how Engineering goes with a Void user. Have been thinking on Jewelry that also goes with mining or Enchanting.

What do you guys/girls think? Clever ideas are always welcomed. Or how would you see Engineering working here?

Thanks in advance!

I’d say you’d want to go with one of the more… mystical professions.

Alchemy is the top off my head. Toxins, poisons, reagents for rituals. Maybe “condensed Void essence”, some liquid infused with Void.

Then, enchanting. Something akin to infusing items with Void magic. He could ICly “corrupt” gear. That’d be cool!

Inscription is cool. Annotating scrolls with forbidden, eldritch knowledge. Perhaps preparing advanced spells, portable instant-rituals. That kind of stuff.

Jewelcrafting… Eh… Gems have generic magical properties. So… Making “Void crystals” for whatever purposes would be pretty :ok_hand: It’d be more of an aesthetic things.


Sounds pretty good! Thanks!

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In terms of Professions. You try with Alchemy, Inscription, Tailoring, and of course Enchanting as a Shadow Priest.