Best Place to See Incoming Hotfixes?

Where would I go if I want to see incoming hotfixes first? @BlizzardCS on twitter?

Wowhead is where I usually go. Just pop over now and again throughout the day to see what news is up. When they actually release notes about there being noted hotfixes, Wowhead is pretty timely about getting them up.

Of course too, you can check the main thread that gets updated over in General Discussion, should you choose. But having to dig through it and be faced with all of the joys of GD, you’re getting the same thing over on Wowhead without all of the excess chatter.


The forums do have a Blizzard post tracker under categories.

I also check out wowhead and mmo champion for other posts.


In the General Discussion Forum, the very first stickied thread is the current hotfixes.

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A Community Managers maintains the thread in General Discussion, but it is a copy/paste from the main blog.

I have it linked in the Dragonflight: 10.1 - Info & Known Issues sticky, but you can usually find it on the main news page: