Best Names


Hi, I’m a rogue. Gimme!


Get out of here, I win


I’m small and like long walks in the garden aisle.


What if you’re named after a 2,500 year old legendary person?


I paint my hooves red with the blood of my enemies


perhaps I can be here, possibly not?



10 char


I really hope you have a priest named “Peace”


That would have been good. I didn’t think of that. I tried to grab 4 horsemen names like famine and plague/pestilence


It is i, Huggywuggles.


Do NPC names count?


All Warcraft related names accepted!


right here!


My name is trvly great.

Wait, you aren’t a gnome. What did you do with the gnome!


Plus wonder around lost most of the time

Great name!


You don’t. Because you would miss this awesomeness.


I hope when people shorthand my name they cringe.


The best name I saw was Momfullofcum. Sadly, they got reported. They went on to become Dadfullofcum, also reported. No names can even come close to that.


XBOX, Big Cherries, Peter Pan, Ham and Cheese!


Sorry boys, you all fought well, but the real winner is here.