Best Names


This the thread for the people (like me) with the best names in all of Classic WoW to post.

If you are named after a real life person STAY OUT!


Rock names are the best!


Absolutely correct!

(Blasco) #4

OP you forgot to add “Eats” to the beginning of your name. I don’t blame you though, you are just an uncultured Orc after all.


Retail characters NOT WELCOME either!


Let’s celebrate.


dunno if i’m qualified to be here, I may as well have called myself Hunter


It’s ok, I’m here now.


These are some excellent names so far.


I win.

/close thread


Sorry but if boomers can’t send you mail in game you can’t win this contest!


That’s exactly WHY I win, my friend.


People who would have won this thread have already been reported, banned for a day, and forced a name change. Sry :frowning:


My name is pretty damn fly. Now pass me a PBR.


Fufufu, as if anyone would report my awesome name.



How do I delete retail characters posts in my Classic WoW names thread?


I have the name of a future president.


Arguably the best


Can’t touch this.