Best Hunter race lore wise

Looking to start a hunter and want to pick a race that fits the best lore wise, the only catch is… I only want to RP a MALE toon… so please give me what race you think fits perfectly for a MALE hunter

maghar orc

Hunter as a fantasy is pretty race agnostic. There have been hunter esque characters of almost every race in the game.

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Should have mentioned i dont have allied races XD

There are notable Hunters from every in game race, if you are looking for some inspiration I’d suggest you make a fresh one and get to level 10, then start the Legion storyline. Many of not most of the major hunters from lore are hanging out in Trueshot Lodge.


male dwarf with a bear pet and a blunderbus, like in the vanilla cinematic :+1:


honestly this

Easy. Dwarf. Big bushy beard.

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bm or sv = dwarf or orc
mm = some elf


This is the correct answer.

Id never play a Dwarf with a gun but its definitely the most iconic.

Lore-wise I’d go with Orcs for Horde or Dwarfs/Night Elves for Alliance. ((also all those races have good racial abilities for Hunters))

But remember that you’re gonna be looking at your toon for a long time as you play so I’d probably just make sure you like the way it looks above all else lol.

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Marksmanship, probably Night Elf. It fits more with female tho, if you played warcraft 3, you’d know about Archers being the front first basic unit of Night Elfs, and its hero choices were basically POTM which was based of Tyrande, although she is a Hunter/Priest and borrows some from Balance Druid as well.

Then Sylvannas was an elf, a high elf, closest you got is Blood Elf/Void Elf.

I RP my Hunter as one of the few outcasts of a secret night elf hunter society tracking and killing Night Elf’s enemies. Away from Malfurion’s/Tyrande’s influence, kind of Illidan and Maiev, while still retaining its Night Elf roots, so no Demon Alliance or influences. The Dark eyes is part of that Dark Ranger influence

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How about blood elf? I always sort of thought them iconoc hunters?

Come on over to the bearded side.


Dwarf, Night Elf, Blood Elf, Orc.

The one you like playing as. Why would you wanna play a race you don’t like just because “the lore” better yet you could be like me and have one of every race so it doesn’t matter lol.

But, you should start with Dwarfs.


My male hunter is a dwarf just like in the Classic cinematic

Dwarf, Night Elf, Orc, Troll.

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Dwarf is probably safest. It depends, there are good archetypes for all the races.