Best hunter pvp spec out of mm and Bm

Best hunter pvp spec out of mm and bm?

mm if you want to one shot people
BM if you want high consistent sustained damage

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Is the one shot still a thing took a 6 month break and just came back

yeah lmao
even on fully geared players if you catch them unaware

It’s still a thing, if I can catch someone unaware and blow true shot, my trinket and a saltwater potion and double tap I can pretty much 100-0 someone with Aimed shot crits for like 38-40k back to back lol.

MM burst is on a 1 min CD, outside of that you are flailing in the wind. BM damage is lower, but more consistent. Having said that, I think MM is more fun in BGs.

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Which covenant for mm? Seen a few different set ups I’m curious of a good venthyr

Necro venthyr and kyrian are all fine. Venthyr you’ll want about 20% haste before you dump into mastery/crit. Kyrian and Necro afaik are both full mastery

Thanks appreciate it

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MM for bgs. BM for arena and base sitting BGs.

MM in BGs is insanely fun. I run Necro.

Why not SV? Is it cause you want to play range or don’t like the play-style?

I suck at sv lol

I ran SV the first 6 mos after SL came out, it was so poorly under tuned, I couldn’t get into any groups or rated PVP. But its a lot of fun to play. Then the moment I dropped it, they buffed it.

What are you having trouble with? I find it annoying when I am in a high movement fight, and having to reposition cause I am facing the wrong direction.

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explain what you’re doing or how you feel you’re playing it wrong and we can see if we can help

im a survival snob and am more than willing to help you shore up your gameplay

Thanks I appreciate it. I honestly don’t know just seems like I do way more less damage than when I play mm and just die super fast I’ve watched videos but obviously doing it all wrong. As for me my gear isn’t terrible ilvl264 I run venthyr. My opening rotation is something like ca, kc,flayed shot,bomb,ss,kc, Raptor strike, bomb, kill shot whenever it procs. Should I be stacking while I’m fighting or kiting?

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