Best counter to moth?

I get moths are moatly RNG but they always seem to destroy me.

Whats the best counter?

Snails destroy moths. Critter so can’t be put to sleep, Shell Shield to reduce Moth Balls/Slicing Wind/Cocoon Strike to trivial damage, filler with Ooze Touch for super effective damage.


Depends on what is causing you the problem.

The easy answer is dragons. If you are getting slept a lot, critters are useful. A rabbit can be good counter.

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I was using 2 dragons and a magic vs the 3 moth draenor trainer.

Emmigosa and i think celestial dragon. Whatever uses magic attacks ss a dragon type lol

Stuns and speed were my main challenges. Gonna try snail!! Thanks so much!!

Use a Nexus Whelpling on that.

Cast Arcane Winds and you can’t be stunned.

I usually use a levelling pet for the first turn. Doesn’t matter if he gets stunned as long as he has enough health to take the hit.

Swap to Nexus Whelpling. Cast Arcane Winds then Mana Surge. Should kill the first moth. Cast Arcane Winds again. Whelpling will die.

Bring in Chrominius. Arcane Exlposion should kill the second moth and trigger the Dragonkin racial. Surge of Power kills the 3rd moth.

It’s one fight that helps to have a P/S Nexus Whelpling. Not sure an S/S Whelpling will do enough damage to make it work.

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Nether Blast is another critter with a flying attack.
I just use Nether Blast against moths.