Best alliance server?

My retail guild is going to be giving tbc classic a try considering how stale retail has gotten and we are not excited for 9.1 Which server in your opinion has the healthiest high pop of alliance? We’d like plenty of people to play with. Server type doesn’t matter.

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Go to, you can see the demographics of all the servers. Keep in mind their population stats are solely based off of raid logs uploaded to WarcraftLogs. You can decide what works best for your guild depending on server location, balance, pve/pvp, etc. GL and HF in TBC :slight_smile:


Alliance typically stack unbalanced PvE megaservers like Pagle and Westfall

Herod US-East

We need more alliance to get at these mudhuts

Faerlina for PVP servers. Its roughly 50/50

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I did this but a buddy of mine said it was way off (said his server had like 200 players) but I’ll check it again!

I’d go off of preferred server location for most of the guild. East vs West coast will have a decent ping difference based on location. Once you figure that out, just go with a medium to high population server with decent faction balance :man_shrugging:

I personally enjoy being on Pagle alliance as I have since Classic launch. It is a mega server though. I’m sure if your guild is well enough established that grouping won’t be much of a problem I am sure there are many medium pop servers that would welcome your guild with open arms to improve the community.

Pagle is a PVE server that has a very high population that is almost entirely alliance. If you are looking for a large pool of players to play with on Alliance, Pagle would probably be at the top.

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If you are looking as a whole guild to reroll Alliance I would highly recommend Herod Alliance and am no not just saying that because this is my home.
The realm is actually pretty good, we have Blood Legion which was top 6th guild to clear Kara in the US, and the other guilds respectfully are also 30th and 55th rank Kara USA clears. And classic was even more Ally competitive pve wise.
I would say the realm size is about medium with around 1.5k player base (ally), but don’t let that fool you the players here are mostly OG players from back in Vanilla days.

If you guys are seriously looking for world pvp and competitive Pve or just hella fast BG queues most days the longest wait is around 3min. tops

Send me an in game mail if you have any other questions been here since day 1, know the realms ins and outs pretty well.

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It is quickly going horde at 56% horde. Fearlina is also like 40% Latin America players.

Herod is 77% horde.

The problem with people like yourself is that they take Ironforge pro as Biblical Canon.
I’ve mention this before on another thread, it’s all base on a volunteer data mining.

The population is base on people that are Pve end game content and posting Parse/Logs to this website weekly.

This excludes people that don’t pve, people that are still leveling or gearing, people that just don’t care to post a log of their parse like some tryhard.

I’m on Herod and pug like crazy both 5mans Heroic and Raids on my Holy Paladin and Hunter know full well the health of the realm is better then what Ironforge says.

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Another vote for Pagle. Lots of people on at most hours! Very few horde, but if you’re looking for Alliance PvE, then that’s okay. I’ve met a few nice healers and tanks on my journey and see them around often. The only issue is sometimes having to twiddle your thumbs waiting for quest mob respawns if there are a lot of levelers in the area.

And that’s relevant because?

They don’t speak English very well if at all.

Also I second the Pagle idea. Can’t go wrong there.

highly recommend grobbulus

40%? LOL nice reach

Mankrik Alliance!

Also stay away from PvP servers… they suck… Unless your faction is 90% or more in control of it, then why go to a PvP server.

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I’m Latin American and I can speak English perfectly. I’ve never played on any Latin American server because I prefer to talk and group up with people that also speak English. Stop spreading false information please. :blush: