Being bullied by Large group

Yep. I completely read that on all three accounts. :slight_smile:


i think a new server with a fresh start would be the ancer here op

Pretty much sums it up. But if this is true, I would also clean out my bnet list, and pay for a name change as well, if this is true…


Ehhhhhh… To each’s own i suppose.

I tend to not care about post count. In this instance where you’re however talking about how long i’ve been, it’s fine to use.

And some of them, love to victimize themselves, while taking things out of context and blowing it out of proportion, all while pretending to be positive, and trivializing things. It sickens me the amount of dishonesty and disingeniousiness these people have. Those who even use mental health to manipulate others.

Some of whom who i even look at fondly of here and even defended them on some points when they are wronged. Now, i just have no quams about that happening because of their true colors.

And looking back, i shouldn’t have defended them. Especially since one of them were behind the discord drama that happened a few years back.

Troll or not, i’m not down for that.

And honestly, i think OP is being pretty legitimate. At least for me, considering my problem and OP’s seem to be similar, minus the whole “they used to be my old friends” thing.

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Got to be honest here, shouldn’t the solution to the problem be free (first 2, i see the “Clean bnet friends list suggestion”), and not something that gives up something, even if only for temporary?

This is good advice. There’s a detailed thread from Vrakthris in the CS forums that also states not to get into a debate or argument with the other player. Just put them on ignore and if they keep harassing you, report them.

Here’s a link to the post:


I seen what you said and I agree.

Oy! i was reading that. :laughing:

If you are being harassed to the point of anxiety attacks IRL probably not a good sign and sounds like your mental health isn’t in the best spot. My first advice would be to talk to a professional/doctor about your feelings.

You have a few modes of action ingame

-Race change, name change and server transfer all at the same time
-Just make a new character
-Start reporting them and cross your fingers blizzard does something and considers it harassment to be punished
-Log off/play another more welcoming MMO like FF14 or something


Yeah, sorry, I stand by that (anonymity is easy), but I’m afraid I don’t want to be associated with this potential argument. I’m getting out :slight_smile:

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…Why you’re afraid? I’m not going to do anything to you. :man_shrugging:

Infact, i don’t even know what you’ve said before ya deleted it! You said something about the answers being obvious. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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No man, it’s not about you, even though I replied, sorry. I just realized I’m not making the world a better place :slight_smile:

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…I didn’t say it’s about me.

Are you referring to the “the answer is obvious” comment before you deleted it? I mean i guess saying that, it’s not making the world a worst place.

Might be worth a name change.

that’s how people become lolcows, responding to trolls.

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It’s been said above, and I totally agree…
ignore, do NOT respond to them, just pretend they don’t exist.

report them all, put them all on ignore.

the name change, or realm change, or…start a new char. with a diff name…those are all options as well.
bullying is no laughing matter, it’s not a joke, and it’s in no way funny.


If words on a screen can give you panic attacks i think it’s time to stop playing online video games and get real help.

This sounds like it comes from someone who doesn’t understand mental illness. You aren’t wrong. A break for the OP is necessary but this is not the way to say it. Don’t be heartless.


Yes and no.

If you get panic attacks because bullies caused trauma then seeking help is a solution. But it’s inane to disregard the real damage ‘words on a screen’ can cause after a prolonged time and double so to expect any victim of online bullying to give in to their bullies and stop playing.


Omg that’s horrible.

I would turn your back to them and ignore them. If they start up go about your business.

That will eat them up and screenshot anything they say. Ignore toons and don’t respond.

I would send in a ticket explaining that they are using character names to bypass ignore.