Behavior problems

they teased this alt back in cataclysim. so i put many players on ignore. i put a guild leader on ignore who is responsible. then a jerk comes spamming in general. i locked that jerk too when i was on another alt. i don’t talk. i don’t see them on after years pass by now. a guild of theirs is gone in years i don’t wanna see. it’s sad. i will return if they stop. it’s no good for the TOS servers. this happen more the 10+ years go. i will wait now.

Is there a question in here?

Is this something ongoing, or something in the past?


yeah. i feel embarassed. they took out the 2h from WOD. those devs made a mistake. but they put it back now. it’s a shame. people need to change thier behavior ways now. yes. it was from the past.

I’m not at all clear based upon what you have written, what you are asking for here.

Are you asking if players from 10 years ago are still in the game?
Are you being currently harassed by them or others?

If you feel they are violating the tos, right-click them and report. Put them on ignore, and do not engage them in conversation.

If they continue to harass after being put on ignore, submit a ticket for “Ongoing Harrassment” which can have substantial penalties.

It is important that you do not engage in conversation with them after ignoring them so they can’t claim it was just conversation between friends.


Your clarification makes less sense than your original post.

Can you boil your issue down to one or two sentences, clearly delineating what the issue is and (without naming names) who might the issue be related to? And when this issue arose.


If you need help by translating from your native language to english, you could use a translator like Deepl or Google Translate.

i will try. but people need to stop teasing. i just hear it and ignore them. it hurts.

That’s understandable. It can hurt. But don’t respond to them, put them on Ignore, and report them. That’s all you can do.


yes, thier guild is gone now. i waited now after these years. there is nothing to see now. i will let blizz close this post. thanks. it is sad.

I feel like we’ve had this somewhat disjointed conversation before, and things seem to get lost in translation. But there’s always right click reports.


i will try again. when dragonflight comes, it is time to go the new world. ignore rude players.