Become a Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Because it was an insanely vocal wave of players that would barrage and harass basically anybody who suggested any alternative.

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Blizzard in Shadowlands: “Forget the Lich King, leave the past in the past.”

Also Blizzard: “Member Arthas?”


Multi-dollar company.


When damn you WHEN!?


this was linked on social media with the tag #wrathclassic btw

Small inde dev team.



No restrictions on your first DK? Meaning bots can just have a free 58 with every new account they make? Sounds great…


Oh god, didn’t even cross my mind. Sigh

Excellent, Fresh servers off to a good start! Thanks Blizzard!

Once the Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-expansion update arrives, you’ll be able to create and level Death Knight characters. Here’s how it works:

  • Your first Death Knight created in any realm is free of restrictions.

I tend try not to get too involved in the story but what they did with Arthas really bugs me. I mean if Sylvanas gets a pass because of being mind controlled why not Arthas? Also the only reason Arthas was in the maw was because of Uther and Devos. Who knows where he really would have been placed by the Arbiter? I mean I don’t see how what he did was any worse than Garrosh and Kael’thas who both wound up in Revendreth or Kel’thuzad who went to Maldraxxus.

GAH this whole expansion’s lore just sucks so bad. Seriously what were they thinking?


Smell the $15 sub fees!

Given this statement:

  • Your first Death Knight created in any realm is free of restrictions.

Does that mean you can immediately start a DK on a fresh realm? If so that gives them a massive advantage. Fresh realms should require you level to 55 before being able to create a DK IMO.

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You would not (or maybe you would) believe the tears in the Classic forums about this. People have been FURIOUS they needed to meet requirements to make DKs and so said requirements were removed.


I really hate this company these days… Customers treated like red-headed step children


Become the thing you already were. Love it Blizz. You got me hyped.

They’ve already addressed the fresh realms will be exempt from this, I believe.

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Good lord you are a shill man

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Can you hold judgement of a man based on the sins of his father?

Classic Andy’s have come and gone, there is a new generation of classic players. Bring positivity!

You could play Death Knights in Wrath? Nobody would have ever guessed. :roll_eyes:

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