Because of layering , count me out

His point is take it or leave it.

Blizzard is in a pickle here. There is a real issue to address, but the exploits we’re already seeing from layering are a concern. They need to put some serious restrictions on it, and get rid of it as quickly as possible.

You have to pick one of the bad outcomes. Blizzard chose the one with the least impact 1 month into the game.

You’re trying to choose one of the other bad outcomes that will make the game far less enjoyable for everyone including you.

Blizzard already made that point.
And I made my decision based on that.


I’d take ques on the first days/week and dead servers later over layering. At least you will have a community and no exploits, you know the Classic experience this whole thing is supposed to be about.

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Layer Hopping - Please Put Limits - Community / Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums

So let’s discuss limits, not demand they throw it out, or refuse to play it.

I didn’t choose anything here. You posted an outrageous scenario and I responded to that…YOUR scenario.

So you would destroy the entire game’s stability, over a few weeks of layering.

This sort of selfish attitude is what is going to make Classic unenjoyable for the rest of us.

Apparently they’re fine with all the worst parts of Sharding as long as they get their boar tag and be 500 positions less on the queue. Just don’t bother, I’m under the assumption they’re either trolling or want classic to suffer. They will get their massive drop-off of players they expect, but they’ll get it because of layering and all the abuse you can do with it.


Apparently you’re ok with the game being dead 3 months in, as long as you have your 80,000 person queue in the first few weeks.


People’s inability to see past their own petty demands on these forums is amazing. Try thinking about the game’s own success, instead of your stubborn refusal to accept that the date on the copyright is 2019, not 2004.

No I think it would be more beneficial but even worst case scenario they can merge dead servers. If you are picking between two evils like you say the answer should be simple. Was it in Classic WoW before? If yes keep it in, if not take it out.

You would destroy the entire games community over a few days of boar tags.

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Which server was merged in Vanilla?

What you’re proposing is Connected Realms and Cross Realm Zones, which happened later. Do you really want CRZ?

Sharding/layering= \ = plummeting subs. Subs were on a downward trend since cata. Since we don’t know actual sub count post wod we have no clue what the sub numbers were there.

What we can probably determine whatever the sub numbers were is that they didn’t decrease because of sharding.

Layering retains more players than queue times. Layering means people are actually playing the game instead of waiting to play. Queue times are unacceptable in 2019.

"Hey players, we want to recreate Vanilla like it was in 2004, oh but we MUST have these 2019 systems into it like:

  • Layer hopping
  • Not seeing the people you played with after logging out or simply joining another group.
  • A ruined economy thanks to hopping."

I can’t wait to play Vanilla like it was back then, thanks. /s

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Hey Blizzard, there’s a couple of million of us wanting to play at launch, but 75% of us won’t last. So nothing like 2004.

Cata had cross realm features and each expansion afterward has implemented server splitting features like this. Arguing about this is also sort of pointless as the decision should be based off whether or not it was in Classic WoW.

They made it very clear that classic is the vanilla code. Which it is. They can’t recreate an 04-06 experience. You need a time machine for that. The world and the gaming landscape is completely different in 2019. If you can let handle that things will be slightly different than play pserver. I’ll be enjoying classic

Would you play if there were ques?

*Vanilla WoW. Classic hasn’t been released.

And there were no servers merged in Vanilla WoW. If you think there were, please, go get their names and date they were merged…

…during the period of rapid expansion where Vanilla ended with 7 million players…

This is really backwards logic. WoW continued to grow before sharding/layer and WOTLK launched with near peak subs and didn’t have many server issues outside of the first few days and those people were stuffed into 2 zones. All logic points to it being a good idea to have no layering and people think otherwise all so they can have a smooth launch despite the repercussions that happen after.