Bear Tanks in BWL

Depends. Baron’s Living Bomb can crit because it’s a debuff applied to the player and probably uses that player’s Spell Crit chance.

Might be other boss abilities like that too.

I probably have way more crit, and I just wear all DPS gear on most fights.

That’s totally correct. And only the bomb-type abilities have that bug/“feature”, another example being Vael’s bomb. Of every other special that NPCs used in the entirety of WoW, none can crit or crush.

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crushing blows against bears is the same exact thing as warriors not parrying/blocking several hits in a row.

change my mind.

Armor cap, 2-3k more HP, we don’t rely on avoidance much, if at all, so our DTPS spikes are far lower, even considering crushing/crits.

Then you’re going to have to explain a lot of age-old unchanged wiki entries about Broodlord’s MS specifically critically hitting and listing the damage numbers for said critical hits.

Possibly the most problematic attack that Broodlord has is an ungodly Mortal Strike that he will do frequently on your Main Tank. This can crit for up to 8000 damage on plate and 15000+ on cloth. It also leaves the MS debuff that reduces healing, which is Not Good. It is recommended that priests power word shield the tank when he applies the MS debuff.

I can’t tell you how many times I had bad luck and got mortal strike crit by this guy when tanking him.
He doesn’t even hit that hard but his knockout punch (MS) comes out of nowhere sometimes.
Same entry from the wiki, from 2007.

Unfortunately there is no way to search min/max damage of a boss ability across all parses at once with any ease without me creating a bot to crawl the parses. I’m flipping through longer parses, wipes especially, to see what kind of MS hits he’s landing. Upper end of his raw damage is in the mid 19k, which is about right for him without Demo but CoR is up still.

My understanding is that the reason that Blizzard made all specials not be able to crit/crush originally was because Broodlord would just randomly 1-shot the tanks. When I’ve tried looking in patch notes in the past, I haven’t been able to find any reference.

Regardless of exactly when it was changed, I definitely know it had been fixed by the time 1.12 came around. So the patch we’re playing on in Classic has the change in it to prevent NPC special crits/crushes. Hence why I wanted a log from Classic, not text or a video from original Vanilla.

If the case is that specials can’t crit, then there’s almost zero stress over him or Twin Emperors, or any other boss for that matter, which is quite depressing to be fair, because it makes those fights rather mundane.

I’ll keep looking though.

I think it would be hard to claim we are top tanks. On many bosses we can do pretty much as good as a warrior. One might argue we are better for broodlord since we have more armor. We really aren’t viable for nef since class call.

Who really cares though we are good enough to tank most bosses, not like this is hard stuff. The only people who care about who is top or what is top is some weird classic chads… like really who gives a crap about logs if you are downing the bosses and having some fun with friends you are winning at classic.


Amen to that.

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They’re pretty good, but keep them away from the guys that enrage!

He used Grand Marshal’s Swiftblades in both hands in every attempt:

Bears are rock solid but the kings will always be warriors and it’s not even close.

go farm me 15 manual pommeller

I think bears are fine MT’s, but I like OT’ing on mine better anyways. Being an MT is a pain, while being an OT is chill AF.

Bears are excellent off tanks, and I think it’s the spot where a feral in the raid can really shine. We generate more rage, our dps/tank specs nearly overlap, and we have more opportunities to brez and innervate if needed. With HotW and an int set of gear in our bags we’re also excellent dispellers for fights like Chromag.

I’ll gladly tank trash and let the warriors tank the bosses if that’s what’s called for.


I think I’d have more fun in BWL if the OT, sometimes emergency Tank, role wasn’t so damned boring when things go well. We have two Warriors and myself, so yeah trash is fine, but on Chrommagus I’m mostly just a crit totem that can handle poisons and curses for the melee.


There’s also the fact that some of the trash is more difficult than some of the bosses in there lol


Its doable with class calls with a Stone Shield pot.

But your right, most guilds won’t use Bears as an MT, mostly OT add tank, and a back up if the MT drops.

Warriors during class call are placed in a very vulnerable stance…so its not like they aren’t getting hammered during class call.

Just make sure to bring Stone Shield Pots, and have a Pshift Macro set up ready to use it when necessary.

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True we could suffer through nef if really wanted to. I just think it is easier to hell the crap out of a tank.

In my guild I am mostly an OT but switch in on some fights depending on who we have. For example I don’t take val since feral dps is pretty decent on that fight.

I just hate this whole who is top and lets obsess over logs. Pretty much everyone is clearing content and so now is just about doing it faster… It’s classic not needed to min max everything, just have fun raiding with friends.

I just ensured a fresh Stoneshield potion was active before the class call and I endured my Nef session without much issue. It really isn’t that bad and the Warriors take a TON of extra damage thanks to the modified Berserker Stance that Nef puts them in (30% more damage instead of the usual 10%).

Healers spam regardless of who is up to bat unless you’re using a Paladin to Tank him.