Bear tank = dumpster fire

The fact that you believe one saying “please respect the forum rules or leave” is the same as saying “if you never did a +20 leave” speaks volumes about you.

Strawmanning again.

I never said they were the same. I said the reasoning is inconsequential, the action was the same: “stop postin”

Again, stop trying to church it up. You never bothered with “please” once this entire thread lol.

You’re trying to imply they’re equaly bad. You love to do things, be proved wrong, and them say “I never said that”.

Someone says “if you never did +20 leave” can be banned of this forum.
Someone says “respect the forum rules or leave” will never be banned because of that.

I’m guilty of nothing but to ask people to respect forum rules. There are no similarities at all. And you are someone who, as I said many times, believe it is cool to be wrong. You love being wrong.

It speaks volumes about you grizzle….


Let me show you what I said since your memory is about as good as a goldfish

I never gave value to either comment. Good nor bad. Simply that they serve the same purpose. And that purpose you claimed was toxic behavior

Face it, you’re just as guilty as the other guy :slight_smile: sucks to suck but it happens

More double standards then eh? Cool beans.

The popularity is getting to my head :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interesting how he’s unable to use quotes from my post…a fun little feature the forums has and that he’s used before…but instead things need to be implied even though i stated exactly where I stood l.

Is this what you have to deal with all the time?? It was fun for today but not sure I could do it day after day lol

Look! Buffs!

More emphasis on thrash spam…eww :frowning:

Can we combine Ursocs Fury bubble and Raze?

Honestly I really miss Natural Order’s Will. I wish they would just replace Reinforced Fur on the talent tree with Natural Order’s Will. idk why so many other legendary powers made it into the talent tree but that one didn’t, it was my favorite.

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Sure, I’m guilty of doing something, that is not the same as what the other person said, it is also not good nor bad, but I’m sure guilty… Of something…

Face it, nothing you say has any value. You’re an ambulant contradiction, you just love to be wrong about everything, to be proved wrong, make mental gymnastics and going backpedals saying you never did what you just did.

But you’re a person, helping to make this thread relevant/bumped/alive. So I’m guilty of replying to you and keep this one going. LOL

Hmmm, sounds good so far.

It is…. It’s maul.

Nope, no toxicity here. Pot meet kettle once more

And …

Well, you and Grizzle should get along, seems you both love to be wrong. LMAO

You clearly “played the game long enough” right? LOL

Well, seems you don’t know the game or Blizzard as good as you thought.

This is what I ran as well :frowning:

Right, I meant talent wise. Do we have enough points to not sacrifice too much survivability to make this happen (hello berserk bubbles again).

Exhibiting behavior that you deemed toxic by suggesting someone stop posting. Regardless of your reason for asking them to stop posting, you said that simply suggesting someone to stop posting was considered toxic behavior.

Which you were guilty of doing. Robbing the rich and giving to the poor, you’re still robbing.

Oh look, it’s Grizzle saying stupid things again.


Yes and as predicted Resto druids are already talking about how this tuning will make their class unplayable in 18-20s because they are nerfing resto and improving guardian.

Guys this thread is more of a dumpster fire than bear tanks.

That is all.

Oh right, uh…druid tanks suck, buffs plz.


Imagine being someone with moral standards so low that you believe that asking people to be on topic and to follow forums rules is a “toxic behavior”…

Imagine being someone who believes that asking to be nice and follow the rules or leave the topic has any moral resemblance with people saying “if you’re not good at the game, don’t comment and leave the forum”.

It does not matter how much you tried, any decent person will instantly know you’re wrong and what kind of person you are. The reason you struggle to understand that these things had no resemblance is because you lack basic moral principles to actually understand the huge difference. Someone that straight-up lie as you do obviously will not get it. I would be surprised only otherwise.

Asking people to be on topic or leave the discussion has no resemblance with saying that people that are not “good enough at the game” should leave the forum. The first is a GENERAL RULE applied to everyone (be on topic or leave), and the second is pure elitism (“if you’re not as good you have less value” fallacy).

The reason you can’t understand the huge difference in someone asking someone else to follow a general rule (be on topic, follow rules or leave) and someone who demonstrates pure elitism behavior, is because you lack basic moral standards. That is also why you lie so much.

Since I have no reason to keep pumping this thread, I will for now on totally ignore you and the absurd amount of stupidity you say. You can keep being this crazy antagonistic person, this is not health for you anyway, but you do you. If it depends on me, you would be speaking alone for now on, since there is not a single thing you ever said here that was not obviously dishonest, and I don’t get along with dishonest people, sorry. Good luck to ya.

Yeah if you like being shoe horned into mid-level keys and non-viable in basically all high-end content.

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This is some next level deflection lol

Did you, or did you not, ask someone to stop posting in the forums?
Did you, or did you not, say that even suggesting to tell someone to not post in the forums is toxic behavoir?

The answer is yes to both, I can link them again for like the 5th time if you’d like