Be more in human form pls

Would it be possible to have a option to only be in dracthyr form for abilities that require it and always revert to human form for all others even while in combat?

Like be in human form, change into dracthyr for the cast of Fire breath and rever to human after cast is completed. Same for Breath of Eons and all other flying abilities.


I’m still waiting for the option to fully mog my Dracthyr.


I suppose all my suggestions in this regard are treating the symptoms and not the illness.

Although I do wonder what is the long term plan for an Evoker as class in a world where every race can be every class

I thought there was a talent for this in the base Dracthyr talents?

I doubt other races (the wingless ones) could learn the ways of the evoker.

its in your spell book under visage to basically turn it on automatically after combat ends…but if you do something like hover just to move around like mailbox to auction house then you have to manually revert back because you technically werent in combat

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I would like this a lot, though i feel that unless they gave caster form options for stuff like disintegrate you’d still be in dragon form a lot. It would go a long way at least to fix hover so it took you back into visage after the leap forward (the run speed that follows would be fine in caster form).

I like dragons a lot, but I really can’t get into dracthyr form. It’s just so derpy. It would be way better like you’re suggesting if it only came out for flying or breath weapon attacks. In those poses the wings would look cooler


We’ve been asking for more options/control regarding this topic (staying in visage more, having more options for dracthyr transmog) since its implementation. We’ve been ignored. The devs don’t care.

It’s really sad, the whole transmog/visage thing is a pain since the release of the expansion.
Quite frankly it’s a bit embarrassing that they couldn’t do anything about it.

If I could stay in Visage form and have a glyph that gives me like, spectral wings / tail when I do relevant Dracthyr/Evoker abilities I’d main Evoker in an instant.

Despite the issues, I have SO much fun on Devestation Evoker, but I just can’t get over how much I dislike Dracthyr aesthetically. From no real mog option to the run animation to how much goofier our glide looks than DH etc. It just really takes me out of it.