<BDExPL> | New Guild recruiting for CORE | TuesWed+Thurs | 9pm-12am EST

| Semi-Casual/Hardcore | 10/25 man | Light PvP | Building new CORE!

We are a group of friends(online/offline) that have been playing wow for years, We have been raiding since TBC all the way to Shadowlands, and moved to classic when it came out!

We have members that are experienced raiders, ex-raid leaders, ex-guild masters and raided mythic content at one point or another.

We are a Multi-Cultural/Language Guild with a variety of humans in here, Many speak English/Spanish/French, So we welcome anyone that speaks a different language than English too!

In Classic, We originated in Herod, moved to Heartseeker then ended in Benediction, And now that we are here on Eranikus we decided to start a new Guild to end Wotlk Classic and ride off into the Sunset together. What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been! 2006-2022.

Having said that, As we are aging players with busy IRL matters, We consider this guild to be Non-Hardcore but Non-Casual either, We raid, We Kills bosses, We get lewt and we have fun, No sweat just good times! :wink:

:spiral_calendar:RAID SCHEDULE
• Main Days : Tuesday, Wednesday
• Extra Day : Thursday [Not mandatory]
• Hours : 9:00pm - 12:00am EST [Invites start at 8:30pm]

• Pro Tempore: Free Roll[MS>OS]+Loot Council for controversial items.

• Positive attitude and the will to improve your character.
• Come prepared to raid [Gemmed/Enchanted/Consumables].
• Know your class or at least be open for advice to improve.
• Familiarize yourself with the fights in a 15y old game[Not everyone played OG Wotlk, We get it!] :wink:
• We are not sweatlords, But we collect data[Warcraftlogs] to improve. So be mindful of that.
• Have fun! This is a game not a job!

We just recently decided to grow as a guild so we need to fill almost all the slots!

Blood Dk(Willing to either MT or switch to Dps/Tank when needed]

Holy Paladin x 1
Resto Shaman x 1

Assassination Rogue x 2
Unholy Dk x 1
Frost Dk x 1

Arcane Mage x 1
Balance Druid x 1
Survival Hunter x 1
Shadow Priest x 1
Elemental Shaman x 1
Affliction Warlock x 1

If your spec is not on the list we still want to talk to you! We are building this Core almost from scratch.

DM me for more information or any officer, Join our Discord and reach out in the guest-chat room!
:dagger:Officers : Adelaíne, Raspberries, Gringa

Bump! :slight_smile: Still need more!