[BCC] Permanently Raining on Isle of Quel'Danas

As the title says, it is raining 100% of the time, on every layer, on the Isle of Quel’Danas. Not only is it annoying, but it incurs an enormous reduction in client performance. The fact that weather cannot be toggled off in Classic is absurd to begin with - now the area with all of the new content is a miserable experience because the game plays like garbage and the aesthetics on the island are ruined. It’s the SUN-well for god’s sake.

Not even WoW is safe from climate change!

on a serious note, hope it gets fixed but I think in the meantime there is a console command to turn off weather effects

edit: after a bit of googling, I found these two console commands “/console WeatherDensity 0” & “/console ffxGlow 0” that second one deals with the “drunk” effects but perhaps there is some overlap with the rain, idk

It’s sunny with no rain on Whitmane at the moment.

Interestingly enough, this is actually authentic behavior and is working as intended. When the Isle progresses to a certain point via daily quest completions, the weather will begin to improve. The poor weather here is supposed to represent the pall of the Burning Legion’s influence over the island and through willpower and perseverance, your realm can and will beat back this corruption and overcome this! :slight_smile:


I love the rain on IQD, it’s very peaceful and soothing. I wish more zones in WoW had constant heavy rainfall.


Will the rain effects be fixed on BCC or Era so that the droplets have properly variety on droplet opacity?

Live BCC example of incorrect weather here and old example of correct weather here.

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boy oh boy i love the heavy rain in wow, i hope it rains everywhereboy oh boy i love the heavy rain in wow, i hope it rains everywhere. i was also wondering if it was a bug that it had been raininf for a whole week on IQD lol.

So we get replies on things that aren’t bugs but actual game issues go unfixed and we are left in the dark.

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