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I’m sure you’re responding to us as a group and I really do not want to be disrespectful to you. I do see you created a post on the community forum about the server issues. It’s just hard when you as a CC person are like “Player created issue, can’t do anything. Everyone likes mega servers anyway”. We’ve been hearing that over and over again. it doesn’t look open-minded, or understanding of the people who are not happy with this, it just looks like a company line.

Note that I know you’re trying to make things better and you are also not getting paid (unless there’s something I’m unaware of).

There are two things I’ll bring up:

  1. When people get frustrated they go to Customer Support and try to get a resolution. When Customer Support cannot satisfy them they are sent to these forums and told that this is the way to get in contact with the developers. I recommend some other sort of escalation path, even having the information forwarded to you, or put in some spreadsheet as a way to get to the developers. Right now the problem is that people will post here and instead of getting help or support they get trolled by some people who are on here constantly trolling. That does not make the game look good or the company for that matter. It leads to people thinking they are getting nowhere but are just surrounded by the toxicity of the playerbase. Then they quit because they are already frustrated. It doesn’t take much.

  2. PVP. People do not like the arena changes with the change to 0 and the MMR and the way that people join your team and have to get to your number and until then your team rank just goes down, never up, until that new team member matches. Among other things that I won’t talk about since I’m not heavy into arenas and do not want to speak for the people who are, I just know arenas are a problem, especially since the casual player base does not want to get into them and that lowers the participation. People haven’t liked this stuff for a while. PVP participation is down and many PVPers have just quit the game. This needs to be brought up again on these forums and the participants need to be asked what would make them happy. There is no World PVP either on the vast majority of servers (although arenas are world PVP aren’t very related but this is a common theme on here, the majority are not happy with TBCC PVP). I know the FvF thing was put in for BGs, I don’t like it but it’s done so whatever, at least someone thought about that. It seems like arenas etc have had even less thought put in, and I think that’s what Arkane is getting at.


The customer support thing you brought up is a huge issue too. There’s effectively no way to get a response from Blizzard aside from putting in tickets, but when you do that they just tell you that they can’t do anything and to post on the forums. And when you do post on the forums you’re met with deafening silence from Blizzard and a bunch of neckbeards trying and failing horribly to troll you. It’s no wonder so many people give up and just quit.


Why realm transfer service exists?
What’s the point of this service?
What benefits does this service achieve?

The way i see, it only benefits Blizzard cuz huuuuge profits.

It achieves nothing to players:
Only enables ninjas and known toxic players to get a new chance on a new server.
Enables world pvp evasion and mass transfers.

Paid realm transfer services should never exist. Never. Period.
When a realm hits the bottom with some X low population, they should merge with another, with faction balance in mind.

Can someone point me one single aspect of Paid realm transfer that makes it worthwhile?


You are right. It should never have existed. Any very minor benefit is far outweighed by the very negative costs.

SoM does not have this service. So it appears that the devs may have learned this truth.


Man who else has been saying it’s a player created issue lol.

The issue with what you’re saying is typically it isn’t people trolling you, it’s people with different opinion of what you’re saying so then it’s trolling because their opinion is different.

People just throw out the word trolling when someone has a different opinion 9 times out of 10.

No it isn’t. Look at Westfall and Mankrik.

um, does’nt blizzard have this forum as feedback? I mean what is the point of this forum.


Yes, this forum is for feedback and that’s fine, my comment (and I don’t know who you were talking to) was specifically about people who are directed by Customer Support to come here after they are already frustrated. The result is not a reply from a “developer” or Blizzard, instead, it tends to be “differences of opinion” from randoms. Those opinions to a frustrated person who is just trying to be heard tend to be completely useless, unhelpful, and do nothing positive. They just lead to unsubs.

IMO the direction by Customer Support to these forums should stop. People can come here if they want to talk to Blizzard in general. My feedback probably doesn’t matter but it was worth mentioning as maybe something could be done as to a different escalation path because suggesting the forums doesn’t help almost every time and all it takes is looking at some of these threads to see it… The server stuff is so far gone I doubt there will ever be any positive change. It would take a fresh server to do anything with that.

I meant as far as what it does to a server.

No one cares about balance on a pve server lmfao.

Yeah we do. We want to fight over towers and Halaa and have the hallow’s end quests doable. Wintergrasp is going to suck.

Speak of what you know.


This is true. I’m on westfall which has almost zero horde. I was excited for 2 hour long battles for halaa, but only twice since launch have the horde even tried taking it, and it was usually just a single level 65 something. I hope that Wintergrasp has some horde population (even if pulled from another server) to make it feel rewarding instead of just a free win.

Care to talk about how your wanting to nerf Battle Chickens has nothing to do with their interaction and everything to do with you getting out dps’d by your guilds fury?


Exactly. Perfect example of why the CC is such a terrible idea. All Lizzard has accomplished is giving 100 select people a platform for their own pet peeves and projects. The CC has nothing to do with improving the game for the entire playerbase. Just another nail in the coffin.


I have to whole heartedly disagree, and this is where you lose me. Sorry but this is a pass the buck stance. Ultimately yes it was my decision. But realistically what was I going to do? Hopefully you understand how baren dead factions are so I will not elaborate on that. How is that an enjoyable game experience? What do I do/where do I go? To another sever that could die just as fast as my last one? No thanks. Is bene ideal or the server I want? No, but it is at least stable. I would guess (and if you read the forums you will see) many players found themselves in the same boat.

Pvp is a non factor. There is not enjoyable world pvp on any imbalanced server. Its steam roll or be steamrolled.


A player based poll is the way. 75% or more to pass. Simple questions about what to do. It has worked tremendously for OSRS and it would here as well. The only ones who would oppose this are those who know their opinion does not correlate with the majority despite thinking they know best.

Of course, that would marginalize the CC and require blizzard to put in an ounce of work. What was I thinking


Perhaps, yet I am afraid. The majority organized to create Bene/Faerlina. I do not stand with what they did. Would they even vote sensibly this time around?

Think you should get honor for arena skirmishes because BG’s suck


Unless the few remaining horde on Westfall suddenly gain ether an access to Alliance AH (Cross-faction AH) or be made able to transfer item to any characters they own on Westfall regardless of faction… Then it is a huge issue and ppl do care.


I should have been more specific.

I meant in regards to how an imbalanced pvp server feels, pve servers dont have that.

The minority factions on pve servers arent dying 4 times to zone into SSC.

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