crashes on Windows 10

I have uninstalled and re-installed the app multiple times but it still crashes on launch after hanging. I cannot even enter my email or password.

Please help, I am unable to open a web ticket with any browser on multiple computers from multiple networks.

You may want to check that security apps or malware protection apps aren’t blocking it. If you still need help, I recommend using the forum for the Bnet app:

Yes, I’ve disabled the windows firewall, antivirus software, etc. Made the system utterly insecure but the app still crashes.

So somehow the Blizzard Technical Support forum is the wrong place for support?

I also can’t get the support website to work, even after disabling all security in the browser and enabling javascript and flash…

This is really frustrating as the only thing that changed on the system was updated itself.

This is the WoW support forum, for the game client. The desktop app has its own forum. :slight_smile: Just figured you’d find more relevant help in the correct forum.

I found the forum and started a thread there as well.

Sadly since WoW cannot be patched without for me WoW is effectively broken. All realms are incompatible since my WoW install is still at pre-patch. So I have like 10 unplayable toons.