Battlegroup merge: blizzard praise thread

Mtae, I left Oceanic and Jan when I discovered it has a pool of 4 server.
COme over.

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THANK YOU!!! Queue times are back down!

Thanks for listening blizzard!!!

Woohoo! Twinking’s back on the menu boys! and I was THIS close to selling my 29 paladin twink’s gear and deleting him. Nice blizzard!

This also bodes well for TBC. I was planning on making a draenei shaman, twinking him at 29, getting to revered w/ arathor, and he would have some nice blues he could keep coming back to during the rest of his leveling cycle! Excite!

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its great now we have even more pugs to stomp and more ally pre-mades that let us win

Battlegroups are merged, it’s great! Can’t wait for the weekend games. Signed - a 39 and 49 horde twink. Thank you blizzard <3

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Yep was not expected at all. They deleted my thread without any acknowledgement though which was funny. They even used our idea of just pushing EST back 3 hours. Owell, we got the desired result and thats all that matters!


Holy … They did it?

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But…then the horde would have to roll alliance or deal with the repercussions from Phase 2 on some servers!

Yeah sorry not a fan, instead of playing 50% against premades. That’s increased to 90%

Played 14 wsgs before coming up against a horde pug

Hooray! Thank you Blizz for making the right call! I logged on this morning to bump the main thread and saw that it had been deleted… now it makes sense!

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We need to wait and figure out if it was a bug before praising them any further though, average queue time at 19 is 40 minutes today and that does not make any sense, because this same time it was 10 minutes or less yesterday. I’m wondering if it was a bug that we got merged, maybe for only a day. I hope this isn’t the case but it wouldnt surprise me, and having the other thread deleted might have just been a coincidence since they already shadow deleted comments a few times in it.

Thank you for merging the battlegroup again blizzard!!! This is a huge improvement for low level pvp brackets.

Not a bug. Blizzard posted about it:

Today, I played a couple of games with both US East and West in the game.

About 13 games going on at the same time last night in the 19 bracket.

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13 games!!! Wow! Would have been impossible with the split. Twinking is great again

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Just resubbed today after BGs were merged again. Was disappointing that the old thread was deleted, but could see less and less people posting as their subs ran out and they lost posting ability. Hopefully others resub as well and Blizz didn’t wait too long to act.

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But but what about daylight savings time and the neckbeards who need to know when there honor updates and holiday bg weekends… lol
Were people quitting again?

Blizz did something to help the game! About time!

Yes! It’s glorious

Lol no you dont oce horde lose on AV trust me you don’t want em.