Battlegrounds are awful

Battlegrounds in this game used to be so fun. Now, they’re just trash. The game matching is so broken it’s unbearable to even play. How in the world can you join an Epic BG and one side have 9 healers while the other has 1? Just absolute trash on the part of blizzard and Bg’s and it’s always constant with horde entering the match with 1-2 healers. Secondly, premades in random Bg’s should not be a thing at all. The point of the Bg is basically in the name “Random BG” not premade BG’s…Also, why the hell do the NPC’s reset themselves in Ashran when they’re summoned. Fix this cause its just plain stupid. Raid bosses don’t just randomly reset when they feel like it so the summoned NPC’s in Ashran shouldn’t either.


did they ? because ever since legion its all the same ppl complaing about the same stuff for yrs now .

Do you know how battlegrounds work? Theyre still fun if you know what to do in them


Valid question. If anything eBGs should load/fill with equal healers. Tanks can also be an issue but a bit less so than healers since blizz hasn’t tuned NPCs.


people play with friends so what , not everyone wants nonstop rated bgs .


The random refers to the map you get, not whoever shows up.

Why not? The game does do a pretty good job of setting up premade vs premade in max level non-epic battlegrounds.

Epics are a gong show that seem impossible to balance around as far as that goes. I’d highly recommend joining a community that runs them.


I just wish they could get the brawls to fill teams properly. I ran four of them tonight to get the brawl win. Three of the matches started with 5 Horde vs 6 Alliance. Then then 3min timer would start since one team was missing members. In two of the matches, a 6th Horde finally got in before the 3mins was up but by that time Ally side had gotten enough of a lead on node captures to stay ahead for the remainder of the match. On the other match, Horde never got a 6th and it ended the match early without either side getting any rewards. On the match I finally got my win on, I was pulled in late as the 6th Horde member but thankfully the 5 Horde who were there had done a solid job of capping despite being one man down so they weren’t behind. You’d think a 6v6 wouldn’t be so hard to populate.

what communities r there for alliance ?

I don’t know any specific ones but you can use the community finder and “shop around” type of deal. You can narrow it down to pvp only and see the higher number communities.

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Shadows of Death for epics
Death Wish for smaller BG’s

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Other than Ruin, I don’t think most of them are listed. If you happen to run into them they will throw out a join us link near the end of the battleground.

Really struggling to see what you think used to be fun and now isn’t. Imo casual pvp is in one of the best shapes it’s ever been in. Been running casual BGs off and on since vanilla and this may be the best patch/xpac for casual pvp in all of history. Top 3 without a shadow of a doubt.

Had the same gripe about matchmaking in level bracket, but max level so far has been quite incredible. As For epics, I think you have to expect a massive healer offset sometimes there.

Healers are tanky but killable, off heals are worth something, I only really get globalled if it’s entirely my fault… etc etc… the list of amazing things goes on and on.

Really hope devs don’t take OPs feedback as gospel. There are a lot of folks enjoying in silence. PvP gearing and gameplay are both great this iteration.


You haven’t been playing enough.

While I’m sure it could happen, it’s not common.


o no ew ill join anyone that isnt them kek

I know, it’s totally uncommon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad none of this crit. I should be able to push for 1000K burst in a few weeks and it will go way up with two piece tier set.

I had the best epic bg I’ve had in a while (AV that I lost 70-0 to Alliance killing Galv after pushing us out) and then lost the worst epic I’ve had in a few days, in a Ashran that Horde won RoC, got AA, and lost 110-0 or so.

The biggest issue I personally have is just the games like the AV, that while a loss was really fun are getting so far and few between.

It’s too easy to skip pvp in some of those battlegrounds.

It is pretty uncommon. Globaled means dead in just a few seconds and that’s not happening with competent healers around.

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Globaling means killing someone within a single GCD and although it is harder now with crit damage being nerfed there is a work around that will require some crafted gear and tier set, then I will be back to this.

No healer saves anyone from a true one-shot. And, what do you think the screenshot I posted is, exactly? That is over 600K damage inside of two gcds WITH NO CRITS.