Battleground Content

Well, I expected a little bit more of context from Devs, so there could be a discussion on this kind of thread…that’s the purpose of the Council after all.

Maybe don’t announce or do promises but Devs should be free to start a discussion of the current state and what’s something expected by the player base.

Regarding Battlegrounds, I’d like to see:

  • New Versions of existing Maps like Arathi Blizzard that’s the same Arathi with a weather condition.

  • New PvP Brawls, specifically Devs could create a pvp brawl for each major holiday, maybe adding some kind of extra buton effect or item as part of a new mechanic for this kind of brawls.

Example, Change Cooking Impossible during Love is in the air or Hallow´s end, so player must pick a different kind of ingredients for an holiday recipe. That’ll make this kind of events more notorious for other players if Devs actually include Worldquest, PvP…etc into each celebration.

The idea that a new BG with total new mechanics should be announced is expecting too much, Devs can just recycle the same mechanics with a new map, just like Twin Peaks brought a new Capture Flag or Gilneas a similar capture base.

  • New Maps with the existing game modes, We don’t need something like Seething Shore that tried to bring something new but didn’t reach a good response, maybe just a new Warsong.

If too many BGs is an issue when players want to find a specific BG, then just rotate the instances every week, not every season since it’ll be a long time.

What does the community expect from the casual BGs? New reputations, Brawls, Maps?

We have a “boy who cried wolf one too many times” situation with regards to casual PvP/battlegrounds content

At this point I think a lot of BG’er types are thinking “:yawning_face: wake me up when something happens”. I suspect it’s an extension of the loss of trust that happened during Shadowlands

You can’t just tease tease tease people constantly with this “we’re thinking about it” but then not actually deliver any new content/deliver the goods. People eventually get tired of being strung along/teased, as evidenced by all the long-time posters in the battleground forums that unsubbed and have never come back (…despite the “oooh, aaah, shiny!” of a new expansion based on Dragons)


You’re right, there’s not any communication with actual details or asking the playerbase about the current state, Devs don’t even use the BG forums, instead Council was created that’s another GD with less players and there’s a lot of threads that are going to be forgotten, most of the council members discussed the BGs topics can’t reply anymore because Dev replied when those players aren’t part of that forum.

I love battlegrounds but every new bg they add sucks.

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What do you think about new maps for the existing mechanics? like capture flag, capture bases.