Battle pet not leveling?


i have been lvl 16 for a whole week idk what is going on i read on a old forum post that a person had issues at not getting higher but that was in 2012.
i just started few weeks ago.
i love battling but i have done at least a few days worth and i see nothing update its stuck at a certain xp amount
what do i do i just bet 2 battle quests for no reason… rip xp.

how to fix this? sorry im a newbie

(Tileyfa) #2

What level pets are you fighting?

I think after a certain level difference, they ‘turn gray’ like how mobs do with us.


Details please, without them we can only try to guess at the problem, and pet forum people do like to be helpful.

To which pet battle quests are you referring?

As Tileyfa pointed out, if the pets you are battling are more than a few levels below yours, your pets won’t get XP. Mouse over the areas on the Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor maps the see what level pets are in which zones. As your cat is a great pet for carrying levelers, you could possibly manage Blasted Lands, Badlands, Silithus and Ungoro Crator, and be able to catch heaps of new pets while you do them.

I’m sending you some blue pets low enough level for you to learn which might be useful. The Turnip has a catching move which won’t kill your target, and the Yellow Moth is hardy and useful even at max level.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on.


Think other team that’s more than 4 levels below your lowest pet won’t give any XP. Also lower they are, the poorer XP they give.

(Jere) #5

Correct, the equation for it is basically:

various multipliers*(your_pet_level + 9)*(enemey_pet_level + 5 - your_pet_level)

That last terms caps at a minimum of 0 (or when enemy level is 5 levels lower than your level), so after 4 levels above the enemy, exp goes to 0.

True in general, but just as a note, since the equation is quadratic, there can be specific instances where EXP from a lower level enemy can be higher than that of a higher level enemy if the carry pet levels are on different parts of the level curve.

For example, taking a level 10 carry pet versus Erris the Collector (level 23 pets) with only a safari hat will net around 4703 exp. However, taking a level 20 carry pet versus Cymre Brightblade (level 25 pets) will only a safari hat will net only 3988 exp. They have all the same multipliers, but the quadratic property of the equations, which favor the hill (middle) of the carry pet level range.