Battle Pet Leveling Experience Nerfed?

I am working toward the Family Battler achievement and I’m still leveling a few specific pets I plan to need to advance this goal. I have noticed since Patch 8.1 that, even with both treats applied to the pet I’m trying to level AND with my Safari Hat on, my level pet is only getting very moderate experience. What’s up with that? Anyone know? Have others noticed this apparent nerf?

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Another change that wasn’t needed.


Thank you for your reply. I’ll start using my stones. Did we have this in Legion once Argus opened’ this same sort of nerf? That I do not remember that, but maybe it was because Argus was its own special area set apart, and only those Argus tamers were always up.

No because Legion wasn’t pet battle-heavy like this was. No one really cared about pet battles on Argus.

As long as it’s the same for everyone and not a glitch, the game’s the game and we need to play the hand we’re dealt or go elsewhere, but I feel your pain, Pharsalus. I hate using up my stones when I could just be leveling my pets through battling, but I’m going back to Legion to see if I can level them there faster. If I can, I’ll post again.

if its a nerf in the way you said it, the XP will affect every expansion. As in, all pets now level slower no matter where you level them.


Some of us just really love pet battles and their quirks. There’s something for everyone in this game. Those Argus battles kept me busy for a long time and made me way more familiar with my Breeds and their abilities. They made me think, I’ll say that much! :slight_smile:

Argus pet battles functioned the same way that BFAs tamers now do, where you could battle them at any time and they offered no worthwhile pet experience. The rest of the Legion WQs that were used for leveling remain the same as well as everything in prior expansions.

That’s not the case at all. The nerf only impacted the BFA world quests and tamers. Legion’s world quests on the Broken Isles remain the same, as well as the WoD and MoP tamer circuits.

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And wasn’t communicated.

Why can’t they put these changes in the patch notes?

Not entirely true. One of the things I did was try to figure out if I could beat the pet world quests on Argus with just pets found on Argus. I was only able to do it with a couple of battles.

There is no other content in BfA. It’s original “content” is wafer thin and the reliance on old content to “fluff” this xpac is huge and unprecedented. So natch BfA is reliant on Pet Battles as content “fluff” also.

XP nerfs to Pet Battles go with the XP nerfs to everything else – all intended to disguise what a total nothingburger BfA actually is and to waste more of your time doing it.

I have 1324 battle pets and i have 100 to lvl it stinks when blizzard changes thing because they know we do it . And thats bs