Battle for Tol Barad - Weekly Warzone II RP/PVP

The Battle for Tol Barad-

As the fourth war came to a close, the Island of Tol Barad still remained mostly vacant after its demonic occupation. (Legion)

The Forsaken and Gilneans both now returning home, turned their eyes to the Island as a point of contention… Hoping to avoid any further conflict of the main factions after the Fourth War, both sides have secretly sent word to organizations that would help gain control of the Island.

That’s you, and your companions.

When: 2022-06-16T01:00:00Z2022-06-16T03:00:00Z
Where: Tol Barad Peninsula, WM ON.
What: RP/PVP

Six main areas of interest have become deeply contested.

Tol Barad - Baradin hold, now vacant, offers several facilities and a fortified location to strike from. This is the most prized location of the Island.

Wellson Shipyard - The docks here will be vital in maintaining hold of the island, to send a receive supplies from. As well as additional troops.

Forgotten Hill - One of the largest graveyards of Azeroth, a few members of Forsaken have turned their eyes to this location to bolster their numbers. Members of the Alliance are looking to cut them off from this supply.

Rustberg Village - The only place on the island that still has residents, now a pirate and bandit village. Both sides look to control this area for access to the docks, and to possibly hire any of the locals willing to fight for them…

Farson Hold - A heavily fortified structure, this hold will be key in maintaining any kind of control of the Peninsula. Several armaments from past residents are still scattered about as well.

Largo’s Overlook - A key point for sight across the Peninsula, and out to sea. The tower also houses several armaments, cannons and cannon munitions.

This is for RP purposes for the WPVP event we will be holding this upcoming Wednesday, more info available on the EDC discord found here:

Look for the tab labeled Warzone Tol Barad for more info and details about the fight.


Lookin’ forward to this!


Super pumped for this. I havn’t Tol Barad’d since it was current content.


This is dope. For the Alliance!


Best I can do is a Cult of Forgotten Shadows sermon.


Good job on the victory Alliance!!!

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