Battle Chicken

I think I’m using the term correctly. The use of a mechanic “by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers.”

The key words there, IMO, are “advantage” and “intent.”

Does it provide an advantage? Yes, 25% haste is a MASSIVE advantage against PvE content.

Was it intended by the original developers to be reliably stacked up to 25% for boss fights? For me the answer is clearly no.

Do I have a link to where this was explicitly stated? No. Can I read their minds? No. But common sense allows me to state with 99.9999999% confidence that it was not intended that a level 45 item be the most powerful item in the game, which, when stacked, has the effect of increasing an entire 5-man group’s damage by a whopping 25% for four minutes.

I am 99.9999999% confident that it was unintended and that it would have been nerfed immediately had this technique become commonplace in original TBC.


They had to code it to affect your party, and to stack. It’s entirely intentional. Please stop pretending it wasn’t you’re embarrassing yourself.

Seeing how the blue post in regards to it stated they didn’t like how it was being used and they are actively debating on what to do with it. I’d hazard to guess it was not infact intended design. :woman_shrugging:

I kind of like the social interaction of min-max guilds planning the professions that will be placed in each group. There’s a social-puzzle aspect of it that I think is worth preserving if possible.

How does that say that they don’t like how it interacts? Let’s not put words in their mouth.

I was talking about the post before that, where they were thinking about what changes could be made.

They enjoy seeing min-maxers try to outdo each other, that has nothing to do with the chicken, in which they are already planning on making changes to, and already have made some changes to.

Guess you’re just ignoring that part cause it doesn’t support ya. :woman_shrugging:

Point me to the part where they say they think it’s something they SHOULD change.

Ha, whatever you want to tell yourself to make yourself feel better.

Have you ever cooked anything? Have you ever put a group of ingredients together, but then tasted it afterward and it was not good and not how you expected it would turn out? It’s kind of like that.

Just because certain ingredients were used doesn’t mean that the cook intended for the food to taste bad. Sometimes they make a mistake. Happens all the time.

Anyway, reading those latest blue comments, it looks like they’ve already decided that this needs to be fixed. It’s just a matter of how not if. The most likely fix is probably to make it not stack, which coincidentally is the solution I suggested.


I am 99.9999999% that it was intended by them.

See why that means absolutely nothing when we talk about made up exploits? I mean if anything in this game right now is a exploit its things like the vash strat of running her up and down that pillar to marginalize mechanics. Melee using trinkets and their buffs to still fall short of all the ranged dps is not a “exploit”. They will nerf it eventually because most people just want retail with a classic skin and want this game bent to their personal style. If they cant have it that way they will cry until everyone conforms to them. It is the retail way

Seeing as how a blue post also said people also did this in OG TBC…

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That what they coded into the game was how they thought the interaction should behave? Yeah I’d say that’s a pretty safe bet. Wanting changes because you’re lazy isn’t making you a better player.

I understand your personal reasons for wanting to keep it. You’re a rogue and seem to be struggling to compete with ranged classes.

But I don’t know what this has to do with retail. I can’t stand retail.

I mainly just don’t want to see this otherwise excellent raid content nerfed, and I don’t want to feel pressured into using cheesy, sleezy strats.

I’d grumble, because I like my current professions and have put a lot of work into them, but I’m not totally opposed to dropping a profession. But I don’t relish the thought of having to use dirty strats that would make me feel like I need to take a shower after every raid. Yuck.

All through vanilla, one of the reasons I was looking forward to TBC was because world buff cheese would be fixed. But now someone has found a new form of world buffs to cheese their way through the game. So I hope they fix it this time.

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speed runs are fun, you should try it some time

I never said they weren’t. They’re not necessarily the only way to have fun.

Rogues with 5 squawks can’t hang with ranged. I’d anything is out of line it’s ranged dps. The fact that even with a 25% haste bonus a class can’t beat other classes tells you where the real problem lies.

But let’s keep pretending that it’s an issues

There’s where these convos always come from. You are incapable of making adult choices so everyone should pay for your inability to say “no I don’t want to be engineering”

I should’ve known

When did cheesy, sleezy, expoitative gameplay become = being an adult? Haha.

The only adult thing that needs to happen here is for Blizzard to fix this, and for everyone to accept that as being good for the health of the game and good for the players.


It should be instant proc on the first successful hit of the chicken, that way it is not a burden and we can just move on.

The fact they are looking into what changes would be valid without completely destroying everything, and the fact they’ve already made changes to mitigate behvaior they do not find acceptable? Did you miss the fact they already patched it so that it ticks down offline so that people can’t stack up a ton of squaks and then just log out and be summoned to boss fights with it already up?

Yeah they are taking things more slowly than they did with the leatherworking item, because people were upset with the way they handeld that. But they are discussing changes.

This isn’t intended behavior, I get you want your 4 minute bloodlusts to make content trivial and parse better, but just because you want it doesn’t mean it’s good for the game as a whole. :roll_eyes:

I do hope they change it in a way that makes sense. A level 45 trinket really shouldn’t be remotely that powerful of a raid tool.


Maybe you can’t but that does not mean rogues as a whole can’t. Unless we are talking about trash damage which I mean what did you expect from a class that can’t AoE.

It sounds like the changes are just to make it not stack and switch it from 5% haste to haste rating appropriate for whatever 5% haste was at level 60. That would be consistent with the way every other buff works and the general fact that they switched to rating going into TBC specifically to prevent older items from staying as good indefinitely.

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Except Rocket Boots in a speed running guild…

Extending a raid how? They already changed it to continue ticking down while logged out so those days are over