Batching needs to be a little bit less

Every day, batching makes me feel like quitting. I remember the occasional stunned or sheeped at the same time, or I saw my heal land, but the tank died anyway. It happens WAY more often now, and it needs to be fixed.

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I am somewhat convinced that blizzard is intentionally making decisions to (attempt to) make folks prefer the retail version of the game.

It was obviously a stupid idea to simulate slow 2004 servers artificially, but the community clamored for it for “authentic high skill vanilla PvP” and applauded Blizzard for “actually listening” when it was added. You think you do…

the problem is that they implemented it poorly. It should not be 400MS but like 100.

Do you have evidence that such happened beyond a small handful of posters on the forum?

I’m not going to dig up all of the posts begging for it, but here’s the blue post announcing it with a ton of replies gushing over the decision:

see exactly, it is still always here its just WAY over tuned on classic. It needs to be 100ms, or 200ms at most.

Batching makes farming soul shards a pain in the rear.

I’m glad im not the only one that wanted to experience classic, not 2005 internet.

Spell batching should have never been in classic. It doesn’t make the game more fun, it doesn’t make the game more skill-based. It is just RNG since it is impossible to time your abilities to it. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t.

The #nochangers look dumber and dumber every day.


Well, there’s three possible reasons for that.

One: They don’t care.
Two: They haven’t fixed it yet.
Three: It wasn’t broken.

If you’ve filed a bug report, you did your job.

I run at 32ms. Can’t relate.

Is that what this is? I thought the entire server was lagging to hell because of the population.

This is going to ruin PVP.

The worst part for me is that I had very good cable internet in 2005/6 so this actually fees worse to me than vanilla did.


What’s amazing is they said people wanted batching, yet no one really ever shows up to defend it. Where are all these mythical batching fans? I havent met a single person that liked it or thought it was a good idea on my servers. I think someone is lying, and I doubt its the people actually playing the game.

In Classic to WOTLK you were able to see the results of your actions in 50ms tops. It processed your actions as soon as it was capable. Now I press gouge and have to wait for it to activate. Even looting mobs takes a very long time.

Why would this be intentional? It feels like massive lag.

I was one who wanted batching but this is too much, they need to tune it properly. To 200ms or 100ms.

Even retail’s batching is not 50ms, i think it is something like 90ms?

I do think some people are mistaking other things for spell batching
like real lag etc.

The batching itself probably feels weird to a lot of people because it has been a good number of years since it ran at vanilla frequency.

I have had a few people die due to it, so i just adjusted my healing a bit to suit. It’s a lil bit of wasted overheal perhaps, but no one dies of overheal.

I did see 2 mages in PVP sheep themselves simultaneously, and batching is probably why, but all i could do is laugh

Anything lower than human reaction speeds probably feels “ok”. Whatever we have now is absurd.

So if they can reduce it to something 200ms or below then it should feel better.

400ms is what we have now, that is what it was in vanilla.
But in vanilla, you are probably also looking at a player average network latency in the 100ms to 200ms range.
There was a good amount of people that still had 56k dialup, and also a lot of DSL and Cable that had speeds in the sub 1mbit range
768k and 384k were popular speed brackets.

Today it is a different universe, even on the low end, land based internet is going to be at least 3Mbit and most likely 6Mbit - older DSL systems, and most people in higher population areas have much faster 10Mbit 100Mbit etc, so on average a players internet itself is walking all over the spell batch cycles.

Now someone on satellite internet on the other hand, probably feels just like vanilla with their 400ms and higher network latencies.

I do think 200ms batch timer would be better, would feel better anyways.
Mind you i have no idea if any game functions in vanilla were hard built around that 400ms window or not, that could possibly make it a bit trickier to adjust i suppose.

Until then though, i will heal early, and ALWAYS roll 1d400 vs saving throw :rofl: