Basic Keyboard/Mouse suggestions?

I want a basic wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. I don’t need to program it (very casual player), and honestly, I’m scared crapless I’ll get something that triggers whatever WoW sensors look for 3rd party cheating software. I probably shouldn’t be worried, but I don’t really know how that stuff works, SO I’d rather ask the forums for options that definitely will keep me in the clear!

I’d rather not spend a ton of money, probably up to $100 total. I’d prefer if the keyboard is simple (no need for numeric keypad for example), backlit for use in the dark, and slim for storage. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a keyboard. (All prior have been built-in with my laptop or gifted.) For the mouse, I just need normal click, right click, and a scroll wheel. Exciting, huh?

Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

Do you want a clicky mechanical or a normal rubber dome?

Doesn’t particularly matter to me, if you have suggestions for either. Quieter is probably better? My main is a lock, if that influences a type of clicking pattern that’s relevant.

Somethign like this would be pretty good on the cheap end. It’s an ugly rainbow though. It has red keys, which should be fairly quiet.

I am personally using a Logitech G413 and Logitech G502 Hero. The G413 uses Romer G switches which are somewhat tactile, but quieter than blue switches and closer to the sound profile of a rubber dome.

They have macro buttons but I don’t use them.

I also use a Razer Blackwidow TE with Green switches, it is a tenkeyless keyboard that is quite good. It has an orange switch variant which is quieter and closer to the profile of red switches.

As far as software, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Lots of users are using the most common brands like Logitech and Razer, and they all have programmable macro keys. Nobody’s getting banned for having these software installed.

A lot of it just personal preference. Find one that looks cool and seems to have the construction style you like.

I use custom built keyboards which are definitely beyond the $100 mark, but for prebuilts I’ve heard good things about the Glorious TKL. Stretches your budget by just a bit, but that brings a couple advantages:

  • Its cable is detachable and standard USB-C, so if the cable dies you can buy a cheap replacement. Also great if you need the cable to be longer or shorter than provided.
  • Its switches are hotswap, meaning that if some of your key switches get messed up you can replace them yourself without solder (just pull old switch out, plug new switch in).

Did y’all look at the name of the person you’re helping?


Oof no I didn’t.

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i did not.

that’s pretty tacky

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Thank you guys for the suggestions, I really appreciate it! I’m always glad to know what items are already vouched for. I’m going to look at them all tomorrow.

And yeah, Griefs/Chroesire/Salrazeh, not what I meant to do. I, a mid-20s lesbian, made that name as a teenager almost a decade ago when I was newly out and thought it was witty. It’s on a realm I don’t use anymore, and I didn’t realize it was my posting name until after I’d gotten comments :pensive: Definitely tacky, my apologies.

Edit: What a disastrous first foray into the forums… How do I make sure Salrazeh and Chroesire see this? Definitely feeling quite embarrassed.

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If you reply to their posts specifically they will get a notification that you replied to them.

Also I wouldn’t worry about blizzard taking action against a wireless keyboard. You would at a minimum need to be running multiple game clients to even get a look in and a keyboard does not broadcast keystrokes to every client.

Yeah, a huge chunk of the people who play blizzard games must use logitech, razer, steel series, just to name a few.

They all have software that allows for macros and the like, and they would have to ban half their players just for having that software installed.

Unless you’re using the macro keys to automate play I don’t think it will be a problem.

I use the OG logitech G15 keyboard, 15 years and still running with no issues. As far as the mouse goes, another vote for the G502. I find it extremely comfortable.

FYI, you can change the character name if you want to although blizzard will charge you money if you go through their name change service. You can ask a in game GM to do it and try to avoid the fee.

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I bought a second G502 because it was on sale to use for my work laptop.

Much easier now that the transition between mouse inputs is universal.

I kind of want to grab another logitech TKL w/romer Gs also, so they are totally the same.

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First, thanks for clarifications from Cadmeister and Salrazeh, allaying my fears about mice/keyboards that have macro functionality. That makes me feel better.

I’ve taken a look at the various items recommended, and they’re all so pretty! And seem like solid, reliable devices. Thanks so much for giving me a place to start. I’ll do some real digging among these specific ones (as well as others by these brands) and see what ends up being the right combo of specs for me. The budget was more because I was planning to ask for this as a Christmas gift and didn’t want to go overboard on gear for something I don’t do super seriously, but if my fave is beyond the budget… well, it can be my gift to myself!

Lastly, because last night it only let me respond once (instead of multiple in response to individual comments) before telling me I had to wait for more interaction – Lilybugg, thanks for the info and seconding the other rec! Definitely helpful. As far as the naming, I don’t actually play this character anymore so I wouldn’t want to spend real money on it… But I don’t like deleting them, so maybe I’ll try the GM route. We’ll see what happens!

G502 master race