Bard class


Just bored and mind wandered to other games that have a bard class.

If there was a future Bard class coming to the game, what kind of spells should they have?

If the Bard class were to be faction specific to alliance, would the horde get Sirens? How would their spells be different?

Which races could play the Bard or Siren?

New races for the new class? What kind of races?


Too many classes in the game already.


Pandaren would be good bards.


Fair enough. Then imagine they deleted DH, gave its stolen spells back to the classes it took them from. And then introduced bards and sirens.


Cool idea, but they should fix current classes first and stop worrying so much about the damned balance and more about how essential and enjoyable each class should be.

BUT, to answer your question, I’d want Bard on both sides, with the following race combos:

  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Worgen
  • Draenei
  • Tauren
  • Troll
  • Goblin
  • Kul Tiran Human
  • Dark Iron Dwarf
  • Zandalari Troll
  • Nightborne [maybe]
  • Highmountain Tauren


For sure, I can definitely agree with your sentiment in regards to fixing the existing classes up.

For the races you chose, i noticed you skipped humans, which i felt were the most obvious choice. Any reason why?


Just forgot to put them, woopsie xdd

(Kneeshooter) #8

Tries to imagine a class that stands around in a raid playing a guitar. Or possibly a flute. Or even a drum kit… No, it’s not working for me, sorry.

Rather than adding classes to the already-bloated class system, why not just add specs? How about giving every class (except those with a a 4th spec already) an extra one? Since it’s Saturday here and I’m feeling creative, here are my suggestions for an extra spec to all 3-spec classes.

Mage : Battle Mage. Able to wear plate similar to that worn by Paladins (so it has Intellect and other useful attributes). Rather than Arcane, Frost or Fire, the spec is Impact. It’s spells are literally smashing effects.

Priest: Bard. Heals through the power of music. Possibly hymns, or songs from Aladdin…

Warrior: Gladiator. There ya go.

Monk: I got nothing. still thinking

Warlock: Necromancer, a healing spec based on things like draining life, sucking life from bodies, etc.

Death Knight: Ummm…something ranged…

Hunter: Lancer. Able to mount certain types of their pets and attack using lances while mounted, and those pets get attack abilities at the same time. Jealousy explodes across other classes at this amazing ability

Paladin: Spiritwalker. I dunno what they do but its a neat name. Help me out?

Demon Hunter: Felhound. Able to transform into a Felhound that draws on the Fel to heal party members in various troubling ways.

Rogue: Removed from the game. Just kidding. Ranger. I suspect those who know rogues would have a better idea where to take this one.

Shaman: Aether. A ranged spec for shamans, whose power and weaponry is the 4th element, the Air.

There ya go. “A whole new World of Speccraft” :grinning:


Aren’t Priest supposed to chant hymns for their heals? Those ARE bards, just not the generic ones.


I was watching a video on Classic to a guy who said the Classic versions of Shaman and Paladin were effectively Bards. Interesting perspective. They’d need to change the RPG elements to fit the bard theme, of course.

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Bard? Me gusta!:wink:

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I want a tank that can off heal like a champ or rather a “warden” class. Not into flute playing, banjo jammers tbh but I could handle a warden class to keep me busy.

I used to be main tank and heal in another game and it was lot’s of fun for me, adding a class that could tank and heal would solve some queue issues, maybe?


Well, I don’t think the bard class would be limited to only playing an instrument. I think the bard class could have normal dps mechanics, but then use instruments on a short cast time to do short buffs. Heals could be played with instruments tho, makes sense for the casts.

Spiritwalker sounds much more of a monk thing, than a pally thing.

For rogue, i really wish they went into short ranged pistol play for outlaw when it was introduced. Using explosive grenades and pistol rounds would’ve been a huge change of pace.

Hunter Lancer sounds really interesting and fun.

Lock needs its drain class back that was popular back in the day for sure, i’m all down for necromancer.

Battle mage’s power sounds like he’s a jedi lol.

But ya, priest as the bard spec, that could work. I just kind’ve imagined the bard to be full of short cd’s that buff in all sorts of manner, a long with whatever his normal spell rotation would be.

that sounds pretty broken lol

Yeah, they pretty much were. They did so much buffing that is nonexistent today.