Banning GDKP is pointless

no i fully believe GDKP and gold farming are stand alone things. the only connection is they both use the same currency. Both can and do exist without the other…banning one and expecting any outcome on the other is foolish.

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That might be the worst analogy I’ve ever seen here. :+1:


This is the worst take of all takes. There is nothing less noble about a GDKP than a pug. If GDKP removes social structure then so do pugs. They are identical in nature other than one is for an exchange of currency, but as far as socially speaking they are literally the same thing.

I t took them a long time to create a separate channel in retail for boosting services… I mean, I admit the warlock summon sales are more annoying and now mages will enter the game.

Well it demonstrates how silly banning GDKP’s is so yeah it’s bad for GDKP haters :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you cope with this?

Just gonna claim you know better than the people with the metrics to know these things?

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i get annoyed by spam but i wouldn’t ever want blizzard to step in and ban things or people to fix it. I can use the ignore feature like a mature adult.

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You screwed up the analogy. Pink shirts don’t incentivize littering on the streets.

yes…that’s exactly what i’m saying. Blizzard lost their credibility long ago…and continues to shovel dirt on itself every year. I put zero faith in about 95% of the things they claim.

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I guess we’ll see in phase 2 whether there’s any truth to that or not. Or if this has as little merit as any of their other claims about the things they do to combat RMT/botting.


Well you’re full of beans mister, that’s a nonsense stance to take.

I play on lonewolf…i will bet you 50g that RMT is just as bad after GDKP is gone, if i’m wrong you can get 50g on a new char on a new server, but if im right…you have to come here and make a post about how wrong you were…and you have to name me in the post.

what say you?

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And you’re the arbitrator of how bad RMT is at any given time, with all this data you have access to? What a goofy reply.

No, it didn’t.

Here’s an actual analogy to what the OP is saying.

People are littering.
Littering gets banned.
Attention: “But…but some people will still litter and not get caught!”

So what? Do you really expect a law to have 100% success rate? If it doesn’t, then it’s not worthwhile? Might as well repeal every law ever made.

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i didnt think so.

Tell me exactly how “bad” RMT is right now and tell me exactly what data you used to reach that conclusion?

I have no strong feelings on GDKP either way. That said I love that they banned GDKP so we can finally see who’s wrong and who’s right as we observe the amount of illicit gold and RMT influencing the economy.

The copium will be strong as phase 2 progresses for some people.


it’s more like

People are littering.
Blue Plastic straws sold only on wednesdays get banned.
Everyone rejoices that littering is solved.
Attention: what about all this trash everywhere still?

Yea, I feel the same. I can’t wait to see whos right and who’s wrong.

Gonna be far funnier though if nothing changes lol


RMT is VERY bad. there are several great videos out about it you can watch. small wharehouses full of computer screens with like 30-50 accounts per screen farming. A simple google search will give you nearly infinite sites to buy gold from for every single version of wow you can think of, including private servers.

you can also go to certain known places that are bot hotspot choke points on your very own server and watch bots flyhack like crazy. Or do a /who for the known instances they farm on repeat and see your screen full of names like “owieurowie” and “jksdjfksd”.

The information is out there if you take some time to look.

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