Banning GDKP is pointless

yes, blizz has historically and probably always will be unwilling to take that heavy a hand with gold buyers, and i agree that is a bad policy and they should do that.

doesnt mean that they should ignore the large and obvious driver of RMT that is the GDKP system

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This is simply not true. GDKP is simply a facet, not a driving force.

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you get a 2 week bonk and they take the gold, big deal, that stops nothing. people go touch grass then get an alt account to wash their gold buying through and go on their merry way

i know a dude personally who spent $20k on gold in vanilla lmao, after he got banned once he got another account to do the actual purchases on and never had a problem again

k, well after the 8th it wont be, stay salty about it :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

After mostly staying out of these threads, but reading them… This is 100% my take on it too. I’m convinced that most of these folks are raid loggers that don’t want to farm and GDKP was letting them skirt the system and not buy gold like they did at the beginning of Classic in 2019.

Getting tired of people claiming the blue post is a lie while not providing any evidence.


Cognitive dissonance. They truly can’t accept that they’re play style is actively hurting the game.

why would they, they are entirely fine with farming being nonviable and pugs outside of GDKP being nonexistant…

they dont farm and they refuse to do anything that isnt a gdkp where they get a payout for their time. as far as they are concerned GDKP is nothing but a positive for how they want to play, and everyone should just bow down to the RMT overlords/get on board the free and TOTALLY NOT RMT’D I SWEAR GUYS gold payout train.


No one is denying it, we just know blizzard’s abysmal track record and state of customer service and know it won’t be heavily enforced.

and if they have proof, they have to show it. Saying it and not showing it, means less than nothing.

It’s not a playstyle… it’s nothing but a way of figuring out loot situations.

It’s one of the reasons why I’m still surprised that Blizzard hasn’t created a raiding only game to isolate these guys.

They have no interest in showing you the data that will help you circumvent their rules nor do they have any need to.

Then I genuinely don’t care what they have to say… show the data or shutup about the data.
Simple, if they can’t do that… why should anyone with more than a single brain cell care?

The fact that they support your narrative is the only reason you’re okay with everything being nothing more than some written acceptance without proof.

Then I genuinely don’t care what they have to say… show the data or shutup about the data.

are GDKPS still banned on the 8th? oh they are?

well then i guess nobody cares if you demand data, its happening either way :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

and im sure blizz does have data/metrics on the subject, it just makes 0 sense to reveal what data they do or dont have to people who will actively try to evade the ban, this is the same reason they dont provide much data about how they detect/ban bots beyond vague “we banned this many accounts” posts

Good job captain obvious, you said something we all already know. :+1:

Doesn’t change the fact that people will figure a way around it and do another form of it.

I know you only have a single brain cell… it’s tough.

It’s just a request for data, if people are going to bring that up… you provide it. That simple.

Until they provide said data, it doesn’t exist… they can say they do all they want.

ok well you go ahead and continue demanding data, im sure that will prove fruitful and more productive than yelling at your nearest wall about it for a few hours.

the rest of us will just be playing the game without the trashcan awful rmt loot system starting the 8th

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I don’t think you know the difference between a request and demand.

I just don’t see the point of bringing up data you aren’t willing to share… as hard as that may be to understand for someone of your… mentality?

So will I.

This isn’t a request, it’s a demand.
Another common thread I’ve found with these gdkp advocates, they don’t even stand by their own words.

What’s my ‘narrative’ again? All I ask is which other loot system gives you an advantage for swiping and nobody has an answer because GDKP is the only loot system that has that glaring flaw.

This was well put.

Wrong, as usual.

So you know me, better than I know me? That’s wild. Do I have a new favorite color? Song? Do I still need glasses? Do you know what I’m thinking this moment? Know your place, I made a request… and if you can’t provide that request and that’s expected. Now blizzard, they have no excuse for not providing this data.

Anti-GDKP rhetoric without any proof that GDKP harms anything, claim data exists but won’t supply it, then says blizzard said it exists but you are okay with that because it supports what you believe.

Listen man, blizzard made the statement that those that choose to abuse and still do it will be punished and in a severe case where you house and promote gdkp you can look forward that those individuals will get a firm perma ban.

SoD is trying something new and Imo it’s for the best to see how it goes. If it helps slow down bots at the slightest it’s a win in my book and over all will promote more healthy atmospheres.

Guilds or pugs running content for fun or to equally gear on a level playing field > Credit card spammers for BIS and bragging rights? Or people who take advantage of those that use credit cards to make a few extra gold. Farm like the rest of us.

Ban and report the botters however realize that bots plague any decent mmo and it’s a never ending issue. Especially if people can make money off of it.