Banning GDKP is an admission of incompetence

Trolling aside, if you’re being earnest in this argument, you’re hurting your position on GDKP by being willfully ignorant.


Shouldn’t be able to buy mounts/consumes/boes/etc either because you could be using RMT gold as well.

It’s a trash solution by a trash company who’s too cheap to hire 1 single GM at 20/30$ an hour to police realms banning bots.


The five stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

This alt is still in anger. I bet another of his alts is in bargaining. Any of your alts into depression yet?

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Trolling aside, SSF is a game mode that appeals for this exact reasoning.

Even with GDKPs gone, bots and RMT will still be a large part of the game.

You’re learning I hope.

There’s enough threads about this.

You are wrong OP. You are free to disagree and continue being wrong - but GDKP is gone and it should have never been allowed to exist in the first place.

Quit, if you feel so inclined. Nobody’s stopping you. Nobody’s begging you to stay. There’s no change(dot)org petition begging you to play with GDKPs removed because you’re an invaluable asset to the community.

If you don’t want to play because your pay-to-win play style got axed - then don’t. Quit.

That’s what we want, fwiw. That’s quite literally the goal. The player base is fine with 50% less players if it means 100% less cheaters.


Respectfully, that is entirely wrong. Blizzard themselves confirmed this. RMT is not the primary reason why they have chosen to ban GDKPs.


SO much this.

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You are smoking crack if you think Blizzard won’t go back on this change if 50% of people leave LMAOOOOOO

Lol. Remember when you blew up at me last night for claiming to represent vast populations of the playerbase?

Microsoft might consider it a net positive with such a move drastically improving a nearly dead reputation.

yup. it’s like they openly endorse the botting. maybe because it adds sub counts to the quarterly results. but players solving their piss awful game design? That’s gotta go!!

Blew up? I made fun of you being a seething hypocrit after you insisted I shouldn’t “speak for more than just myself” while the quite literal next line you insisted to speak for tons of people.

I think you have a very skewed perception of what being made fun of is versus being angry.

The player base is absolutely loving the change. WoWhead article poll has this at a 97% positive change over 200,000 votes. The only people angry are those that cheat, or want to profiteer directly from cheating.

But it is clear you’re not learning. RMT will exist, yes. It’s something that won’t be wiped out. However, you have no metrics to determine how prevalent it is with or without GDKP.

If you see a bug on the wall of your house do you assume it’s an infestation? If you see 1 truck on the road, do you assume no one likes trucks? If there is a clear sky, do you assume clouds don’t exist?

You can write words, but don’t really understand what you’re writing.

If you’re going to cherry pick, try harder in what you cherry pick. It’s evidently the reason why players are opposed to it and the feedback of it to Blizz is why they are restricting it.

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You are smoking crack if you think a publicly traded company cares about anything other than the profits for next quarter.

So you see how you were ignorant on my question? Do you think removing the ability to trade will remove bots?

If that’s true, why are there so many threads against it - as you said yourself?

How does it feel to be a

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Sounds like a plan.

They’re not nuking bots. They’re nuking GDKPs. Oh you think this is about the bots??? Nahh. Was never the real problem to begin with.

No because you can still have RMT for other forms. RMT comes in different forms. Why is it you’re not able to understand prevention and reduction is the goal and total elimination is not possible. You live in a fantasy and utter words on things you simply wish to enflame and be unreasonable.

Whiny vocal minority does not equal the player base. The people who are cheating that are unable to continue to cheat are obviously going to throw tantrums as much as possible. Heck, there’s 5 threads made right now by the EXACT SAME GUY on different characters with the EXACT SAME NAMES.

Not a particularly difficult correlation to make. People that cheat are angry they can’t cheat. The people who don’t cheat are loving the future available to them.

You should consider going away. Everything you post is either self-destroying short sighted goofball takes, or just blatantly wrong.