Banned for hacking when I've never hacked

Same account as well. Blizzard GM confirmed they don’t look at accounts, bnet, or emails or CCs or anything other than character. See Arleaus ban videos

Can pathing/evade get you banned? Because I’ve watched a few videos(and streamers) doing Cath boost and they always use the pathing trick to keep mobs from swarming and the reset ledge if things get too crazy.

It seems like a really petty thing to ban someone over, but I’m curious if that might be why some players are getting the boot.

Factually incorrect. Massive people are impacted by the automated ban system unjustly, with some being unbanned after threats of reopening tickets. Many posts and even youtube videos demonstrating this. See Areleaus on youtube.

Wow. Okay, then, that’s really bad. I should be able to send the 1k gold to my alt for the epic mount without worrying about being banned.

That tells me they don’t have enough checks in the automated system.

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Yes. If you’re jumping off a ledge to make everything have to take a long path around to get to you, you won’t get banned. If you’re getting yourself somewhere that you can’t be hit, or using evade bugs to force mobs to reset when you pull too many, you can.


Another poorly done blizzard automation.

Just let the bots run free. People pretend they want them gone, but its apparent they dont

Scary, I know.

I took advice of another and created a GM ticket in advance saying I pool gold from my alts and send from my main. GM response was great and had me refer to the ticket # if any future false ban happens.

Man that’s wild. All the boost videos on youtube show players how to path mobs and evade. These content creators are likely setting up tens of thousands of players to get banned for something that many of them assume is okay to do.

Seems like Blizzard should release a statement and let the community know that doing this will lead to a ban, if it’s the reason why so many players are getting their accounts shut off.


I think most players want the bots gone. We just don’t want innocent players getting banned cause Blizzard doesn’t want to employ anybody to actually look at what’s going on and instead just makes the process 100% automated.

Edit: not to mention that the appeal process seems to be automated as well. People at least need to know what they did wrong.

RMT get REKT. We’re not stupid we know what he did.

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I dont think they do either

But judging by the small handful of stories ive seen regarding this id say its a microscopic % when you consider they banned over 100k accounts. And were just willing to accept that this microscopic % was all innocent? Id imagine a decent % of those stories are lies as well which means that % is even smaller

100k bots at the cost of fractions of %s of legit players? Hell yes. Customer service can sort those handfuls of legit cases that got unfairly banned. No system is above having errors. If people want bots gone this is the cost


I thinks boosters boostees rmters and rmtees should all be banned indefinitely. They’re all cancer in this game.

They have, for the last 15 years. Mobs in dungeons, are supposed to be able to hit you, and in most cases, they’re not going to reset. When you’re finding ways to force these to happen, it’s painfully obviously exploiting a bug.


I don’t disagree. If they banned 100k accounts and 1k of them are real players who appeal, that only 1% and probably something we should all be able to live with. And in that 1k, if 80% of those are legit, that’s good too. But the appeal process needs to be legit. You have to be able to speak to a real person to have you ban appealed and not get an automated response that doesn’t answer any questions. That’s not okay.

You can send to alt on same account. His vid says do. That person must not of watch the whole vid. Big reason it was flagged was it was a very new account and sending 400g on a 1 month account is odd and got flagged.

Sounds like if you traded gold with an alt the automated system will flag you and get you banned.

What about Mages / Locks doing DME runs pathing on the bosses?

Yes it could be called exploiting. That is the problem when exploits are thought of of as creative use of game mechanics. I think the boosting and RMT connected to them is whats banning people more so then the exploiting.

hey donklord, just because a blue randomly posts saying ‘you violated tos’ doesnt mean they actually did. all it means is some donklord working for blizz made a post. if they wrongly ban someone initially why would a post somehow offer irreparable proof of wrong doing? oh wait it doesnt, blizz offers ZERO proof of wrong doing and in fact if they CAN’T detect any illegal third party programs they will still ban you if you received enough reports because the GM will just guess you are botting