Banned for hacking when I've never hacked

Good. You boosting rats are trash. I had a priest join my BRD last night and he didn’t have any bracers equipped because of boosting.


If those boosts are being paid for via RMT then Blizzard is in the right for banning as that is against the ToS. If one of the boosters has been found to engage in RMT it would be safe to assume the transaction you had with them could be as well. When we sign into this game we agree to their terms, those terms state that they can remove our access for any reason at any time. Thus you do not have to be guilty, just guilty by association.


I’m not sure you understand the term cognitive dissonance. There is nothing inconsistent about not knowing the reasoning behind a particular ban (Blizzard doesn’t publish reasons for individaul bans) and not believing Blizzard is handing out bans for no reason. Perhaps you should re-read what I said.


Only thing I can think of is that everybody banned either paid a botter/gold seller or got gold from one to boost. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.


I too just got banned. I have had my account since 2006, and I have never used any third party programs or hacks/bots… I was buying Mara runs on my alt. This isn’t against ToS though, everyone does it and Blizzard has never said it was against ToS.

I suppose it is remotely possible people are buying runs from botters/hackers. That could fall into the areas:

But that is just conjecture. If you were doing nothing wrong the suspension/ban will likely be overturned. If you were doing something wrong, oh well.


Oh nice. Blizzard is finally cracking down on boosters and aoe farmers.


I don’t know that for certain.

It’s not like we get to see the evidence stacked against them or exact reason they have gotten ban.

All we get is cut content or he said she said.

Only they know and blizzard knows. For all we know Blizz gave them a pass. Because they were a streamer.

I still see bots around and ppl still selling gold. Few I have noticed.
Again for what we knows those ppl being unbanned is back at it again.

A lot of ways to get banned.

First thing they probably use is a vpn.

Doesn’t always mean they botter or sold gold.

They could have purchased it or played on another person account.

If u get a boost from a botters or even sold to them. You are connected.

Plenty of evidence including Blizzard GMs stating that bans are automated and does not require you to buy or recieve gold. Sending gold to your alts or running insances can get you banned, there is video proof on Youtube with GM concersations, search Arleas banned.

Your are correct. Sending gold to an alt on another account can also trigger the automated system. I’ve never heard of anybody getting banned for running instances, though.

A lot of people that do these boosts exploit pathing / evade / reset bugs to make it possible.

It’s never that someone was truly completely innocent and just simply running some people through a dungeon or sending money to their alt. When you really dig into these stories and get complete details from the people claiming they were completely innocent, you eventually stumble onto the major “how did you not know what you were doing was an exploit?”

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Same account as well. Blizzard GM confirmed they don’t look at accounts, bnet, or emails or CCs or anything other than character. See Arleaus ban videos

Can pathing/evade get you banned? Because I’ve watched a few videos(and streamers) doing Cath boost and they always use the pathing trick to keep mobs from swarming and the reset ledge if things get too crazy.

It seems like a really petty thing to ban someone over, but I’m curious if that might be why some players are getting the boot.

Factually incorrect. Massive people are impacted by the automated ban system unjustly, with some being unbanned after threats of reopening tickets. Many posts and even youtube videos demonstrating this. See Areleaus on youtube.

Wow. Okay, then, that’s really bad. I should be able to send the 1k gold to my alt for the epic mount without worrying about being banned.

That tells me they don’t have enough checks in the automated system.

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Yes. If you’re jumping off a ledge to make everything have to take a long path around to get to you, you won’t get banned. If you’re getting yourself somewhere that you can’t be hit, or using evade bugs to force mobs to reset when you pull too many, you can.


Another poorly done blizzard automation.

Just let the bots run free. People pretend they want them gone, but its apparent they dont

Scary, I know.

I took advice of another and created a GM ticket in advance saying I pool gold from my alts and send from my main. GM response was great and had me refer to the ticket # if any future false ban happens.

Man that’s wild. All the boost videos on youtube show players how to path mobs and evade. These content creators are likely setting up tens of thousands of players to get banned for something that many of them assume is okay to do.

Seems like Blizzard should release a statement and let the community know that doing this will lead to a ban, if it’s the reason why so many players are getting their accounts shut off.