Bane, Horde guild

Anyone still around from the wrath days? Or did everyone join crisp?

I was in fallen 9, right as bane was breaking up. I cant remember what my name was then though.

damn. My main was Haterade (prot paladin)

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i think my toons name with sargent or somthing. resto druid

I think I remember! I was an OT during icc and trial of the crusader. Probably the most fun I’ve had in the game.

for real, i was with fallen 9 for ulduar then i got kicked after my internet went out, they thought i just left T.T

Yes, I was in Bane, as Bloodryk, one of the guilds main tanks for a time. I was a Tauren back then. I ended up bringing my girlfriend into the guild (who was a nude model at the time) and a dbag (Xooshiani if I recall his name) found her profile and tried to photoshop her with another guildies girl. I ended up leaving that guild and joining Eminence. I was definitely there though through BC for server first kill on Illidan (still have the servers first Bulwark of Azzinoth that dropped from him too). I ended up leaving the guild in Wrath. I also ended up leaving Eminence and creating a semi-successful guild with that same serious girlfriend (Invidia), Starkweather (named after the serial killer, lol).

Anyways, THAT was along a$$ time ago. :grin:

Here I am. :upside_down_face:

Omg Xooshiani was the servers menace lol

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