< Banana Bandits > 8/9H Recruiting for AOTC and Mythic

:banana: BANANA BANDITS :banana:

We’re a guild that started in Cataclysm, becoming more serious about raiding as expansions have progressed. Goal is to push Mythic as far as possible with like-minded raiders. The vibe is relaxed and friendly while getting serious when it comes to progression.

Banana Bandits has an active base with people always online. There’s never a moment when a monkey is not hanging out. Love pushing keys, raiding, pvp, and very social.

:banana: Current Progreession :banana:

:banana: Progression Raid Schedule :banana:
Tuesday / Wednesday
6:30-9pm PST / 8:30-11pm CST / 9:30-12am EST

:banana: Raid Requirements :banana:

  • Past AOTCs (preferably past Mythic xp)
  • Logs preferable
  • Knowledge of your BiS
  • Always maintain full optimization of gear
  • Always arrive on time
  • Always come prepared
  • Discord

:gorilla: Vibe Check :gorilla:

  • While serious about raiding, we are also maintaining a friendly environment to keep the game enjoyable. We expect guildies and raiders to be respectful and not present with a toxic attitude. We’re all out for a good time while progressing. :banana:

:orangutan: Currently Recruiting: :orangutan:

  • All DPS are welcome to apply.

:banana: Contact Info :banana:
Btag: Mike#17759
Discord: Verito
Discord Server: discord.gg/2mPrUNRXpb