Ban gdkps in cata


If gold is being “washed” in order to deceive Blizzard into thinking it’s not illicit gold, it’s happening before it enters the GDKP.

My guild didn’t make it through TBC intact and I’m not really interested in looking for another; not committing to anyone makes it easier if I decide to do what I’m doing with Destiny 2 and just not playing for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have my Verigan’s Fist, the Shining Silver Breastplate that lasted from when I made it at about 25 to Outland questing, along with a few other things that I plan on tossing into Void Storage once that’s a thing in Cata.

Some things you don’t just throw away, you know?

Requiring enchants/gems that are essentially useless once the item’s replaced; if it was BiS stuff you’re doing that with, that’s fine, but it’s something you’re using for a single raid it’s a waste of resources.

It’s the /4 coin flip; either people are going to act like worthwhile humans for once, or they’re going to be on the “why do they call it an Xbox 360?” wavelength of stupidity.

That’s sort of what the entire thread is aimed at; removing the largest incentive for people to buy gold from non-Blizz sources.

…Where did I say that? If the items they were applied to retained some level of usefulness, like in FFXIV or dialed up to 55 in DDO, it’d be less onerous to make the investment in the first place.

So you’re an extreamly casual player, no guild, no intention of looking for a guild and you have a wait and see mentality when it comes to raiding.

Oh I know, I keep items in my bank, it’s nearly full with me keeping raid gear for Cata xmog.

Also if you’re keeping those items just for the xmog and not for the item itself then you don’t need to place them into void storage to use its appearence.

You’re just describing gearing, it sounds like you just dislike the enchant and gemming part of gearing. Also, getting an item replace after a single raid is quite rare.

I think you’re being quite hyperbolic with saying that a majority of WoW’s players are rude or stupid, the way you’ve described it makes it seem that every other player has a chip on their shoulder or got hit in the head with a brick.

There’s more to it than that, banning GDKP’s is the nuclear option and a copout, what they should be doing is banning the buyers and the sellers not one of the best loot systems

To me it sounds like you’re an extremely casual player, gameplay decisions (for raids) shouldn’t be based around players like you who won’t even go out of their way to raid and if you do raid then you make it seem as if you don’t.

I don’t PvP so I think that anything I have to say about PvP should be ignored (change wise) because how can I have an informed opinion on the matter when I barely participate in the activity.

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God this thread is still going. Whatever, this bump doesn’t matter.

Something I’ve noticed is that anyone who is anti-gdkp and hides behind RMT as their reasoning NEVER applies it to any other aspect of the game that involves gold, then want to cope about how gdkps are the primary source of RMT with no evidence (Show me the numbers not your head canon cope) at all, especially since they outright ignore the AH and it’s existence.

The same people in this thread who are anti-gdkp are the same people who got absolutely bodied by me in another anti-gdkp thread, where simple questions stumped them to the point of devolving into chimps slapping their keyboard as responses.

They still can’t quote Blizzard on “banning gdkps in sod is because of rmt crackdowns”. That’s still head canon they created and just made up.

And they’re still here saying the same dumb monkey brain takes.

Do some dailies you brokies. Get a job. Mine some rocks.

Blizzard almost never gives good explanations or reasons for the things they do. But “banning gdkps in sod is because of rmt crackdowns” really is the best guess we can make without a blizzard explanation. To say it’s not is really the “dumb monkey brain take”.

What? Did people not even read the Blue post about the ban?


I have used gdkps in every version of classic so far and am in no way anti gdkp. With that said I fully believe there is some rampant RMT in them, especially the hosted ones that are ran dozens of times a week making hundreds of thousands of gold in host cut.

Now is this the only RMT avenue, no. Is every gdkp player involved in RMT or even the majority, no and I don’t believe so to the second part. Would banning gdkp stop RMT, no. So because of the above should we pretend most gdkps are pure and innocent, no.

Besides the quote above, which completely humiliates you, there was an interview from a week ago where Aggrend said…

“It’s probably a little bit too soon to say, but I think my knee-jerk initial reaction of playing the game on multiple servers a lot is yeah, I’ve noticed a lot less advertisements and things like that. It’s given us the opportunity to crack down on things a little bit more easily. Not just gold selling and botting but gold buying."

“GDKP is an excellent way to launder money and an excellent way to obfuscate the movement of illicit gold. Without that sort of shield, it’s making it a lot easier for us to clean up other things and be a little bit more steadfast about other aspects of the economy.”

Oh, look at that. GDKP is riddled with RMT, and used to launder illegal money. The ban makes it easier to ban gold buyers. Straight from Blizzard.

And maybe don’t resort to those ridiculously silly insults you put in all your posts. It only weakens your position.


Nah, sentimental value alone. Past that I don’t really care. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind the two servers I play on are Alliance on Westfall and Horde on Mankrik; your description is pretty accurate of both. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have before; did a little in Rift years ago, sort of did in FFXIV but it’s all previous expansion raids which get added to the Duty Finder so you can do them at any level past the level cap of the expansion they were in AND unlocking them in the first place, and did Kara pretty much every week in TBCC until I both finished the Nightbane chain and got Exalted with Violet Eye…mostly because my guild couldn’t really get farther than that by the time I was actually 70 and had done enough stuff to tag along.

There’s an anecdote I go back to whenever someone points out that a newcomer can’t offer an opinion: WAY back in the early 2010s, Extra Credits made an episode where the writer at the time, James Portnow, mentioned a consulting job he had once where the people designing the game had someone thought that the way to open your character’s inventory was, no joke, TRIPLE-CLICKING the character instead of something simple like, you know, “I.” They’d gotten so used to doing it that it just made sense to them.

Just because someone who hasn’t spent years immersed in a setting mentions that flaws exist in that setting doesn’t make their opinion invalid, as much as that group would prefer so they can keep going down what could potentially be a dead end; if it’s well reasoned-out it might actually improve things and make a better experience for everyone.

Pretty sure people aren’t going to head to a gold seller so they can buy a few stacks of Frostweave or buy the Tundra Mammoth when easier methods exist for both of those. Going for epeen, on the other hand, I can see the extremely insecure people with more money than sense doing that without question.

So you pretty much didn’t raid, you didn’t do SSC, TK, BT, Mt Hyjal, ZA or SWP at all during TBC?



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Blizzard is only lying when it doesn’t fit their argument.

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jeez is right. I don’t care if zaalg posted something or changed his mind in the past. He made a valuable contribution to this thread by linking a blue post I’d forgotten I read. What valuable contribution have you made in the past year? Not a dam thing imo.

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When did a loot system based off a rng coin flip become a skill? That is hilarious. I found the person who is just typing…to type

Indeed. The powerful wrist maneuver of swiping a credit card takes far more skill.

Unlike the bored old men on this forum, I’m actually interested in helping people and providing facts while calling out bad actors (you, Zaalg.)

I had you ignored for over a year but I recently unblocked everyone for a fresh start. It was a mistake in nearly every case. Back on block with you.


Considering Aggrend also claimed that people are not getting falsely banned just by being mailed gold at random, and then people claim they are and then appeal and get unbanned, I would say take anything Aggrend says with a massive grain of salt.

how did they ban them in sod?

1: well written.
2: is fey/zaal/yehmi the same person? (they post at the same time and do brown nose each other)

Nope, we just meme because you guys have -10 IQ.
Alts generally don’t post between 3 alts within 1s. Thats just an normal conversation between humans.
Besides, Fey is a boomer (no hate) and you can read that from the way they write. I would be an impressive person that can write in 3 different ways.