Ban eSport from WoW Classic

You know, if we just removed PvP, 90% of the E-Sport problem goes away.

Remove PvP in classic PLEASE!

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Please don’t remove pvp from WoW Classic.


AB and WSG esport classic style sounds awesome!!! Also, blizz please release pvp gear upon release. A lot of us care only about pvp like in the olden days!

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Haha, I’m not at all concerned about Blizzard looking at WOW: Classic for eSport potential. However, one of the answers in made me laugh because they do have a potential third eSport in Retail: Pet Battles.

What can you tell us about your future plans for pet battles?

Pet battles continue to be a fun system layered on top of the core WoW experience. As we introduce new zones and content, there will be new pets to tame or earn as reward. For players who are looking for a new challenge to overcome, we’re adding a new Gnomeregan pet battle dungeon in Tides of Vengeance. Beyond that, in the long-term, we’d like to take a fresh look at “PvP” pet battles to see if we can add a more structure to that system and elevate it beyond what is currently a niche pursuit.

So, yeah, I think WOW: Classic is preety safe by comparison. :stuck_out_tongue:

The jocks of yesteryear are no more. Theyve been invited into what used to be our space and there is no getting them out.

Our best net is to adapt, learn to live alongside them, and if necessary, develop entire games that dont appeal to them, or resurrect the old ones.

As long as we dont invade their games seeking changes to suit us we are justified in objecting to their seeking.

I’d be surprised since we’ve said all of these things wouldn’t be in Classic.

I don’t think there will be Esports in Classic in the slightest, if somehow people find a way and the community supports it then you never know but I highly doubt that will happen given that Classic WoW didn’t have those things. I think you’re safe OP.


Well for 1 esports has balance requirements and you already said you would not re-balance so no esports.


i’ve watched every video you guys made about classic so far i’m pretty sure… never saw anyone say there will 100% be no espots. can you link the place they said this i’d like to watch/read it

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I meant the individual systems like Mythic+, Rated BGs, etc.

In that post i’m quoting the OP is stating these systems support the push for it when those systems won’t even be in Classic.


ah, i misunderstood.

Brand new e-sport is called world pvp. Your primary objective: kill the enemy faction leaders. This is a server wide event. Players from level 1-60 can participate. Its the ultimate race in pvpve environments. On the count of 3 begin!

I can see community held duel tournaments which I would partake in for the fun of it or arranged Gurubashi Arena 2v2 3v3 matchups. I remember duels being a big deal up until Cata and then declining from there.

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I do appreciate a blue posting in my thread. I am not sure I trust blizzards word on such things to be kept forever. Must I dig up all of the blue posts where blizzard assured us of something only to change their minds later?

My opinion on eSport in wow classic is this. If wow classic turns out to be as huge as I think it will be and there is money to be made from adding eSport to WoW classic, Blizzard will find a way to do it.

Blizzard needs to understand that the wow classic player base is very different from the retail player base. Most of us consider community to be more important than personal bragging rights or being highlighted playing sandboxed pvp at blizzcon. For me, WoW classic will be all bout community, SINGLE SERVER COMMUNITIES.

Ban x-realm from wow classic will be the topic of my next post on wow classic.

Esports requires very specific pvp balance that 1.12 does not have.

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Completely agree, people only want to speed through a dungeon…god forbid we take our time with pulls have a laugh via some witty chat and admire the dungeon.


What’s being confused here is competetive play and actual esports like systems including arena etc.

People already do competetive play in classic as we have it now via speed kills and even leveling races.

This isn’t something that can be removed, as it’s born from the players desire to push themselves and create challenge for themselves.

However, if there was a product that might be comprised of little competition it would be classic in 2019.

Many people think classic is ultra difficult and rife with optimization but in reality a 15 year old product will have very little problems left to solve and little repeatable content that might foster this type of play.

I certainly do hope blizzard or the community finds a way to make some competetive elements work in classic, because with out it I worry that there will be very little interest for those who play that way, ie a lack of large influential events of social media.

Here’s hoping, as without I worry for the future of the product after a few years.


While I don’t think Classic will be ultra difficult, I think that just how many problems we have left to solve depends a bit on how accurate private servers have truly been.

A lot of our current information comes from the theorycrafting that’s happened over the last 11 years since after Vanilla officially ended. If that theorycrafting is based on faulty systems, then it stands to reason we would have new theorycrafting to do.

The use of the modern client may also create a few new quirks for us to work out, depending on just how thorough they are about making it as authentic as possible.

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You are right for sure, a lot of new problems may arise. I for one hope they will actually try to change some things subtly just to allow new guides and media to come out and be effective.

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Geez, complaining about something that isn’t even going to happen.
That’s some next level GD poster crap right there.


Pointless post is pointless