Baldur's Gate III

Baldur’s Gate III is coming out soon(ish), helmed by Larian Studios.

I am very excited.

For those of you who have not played the originals I definitely encourage grabbing them on Steam. The Enhanced Editions have some slightly updated interface options and run on modern machines.

I just need more people to play these okay.

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I grew up on those old infinity engine D&D games so I’m definitely excited for this. This will definitely be a contender in eating up my WoW time.

I have heard some characters from the old infinity engine games will be making a return.

My money is on Minsc, Coran, maybe Jaheira and if not Viconia herself then a reference to House DeVir.

I would honestly be surprised if there were more.

heh i always played evil in BG2 and it was almost always viconia, korgan, sarevok, jan and edwin in my party…if any of them are returning then i’m in for quite a nostalgic treat

Minsc is most likely, since he was in the MMO Neverwinter with a stroy for why he survived the time jump, and Viconia is highly likely too, since Grey Grifon (formerly Grey DeLesie) is still very active as a voice actory and took part in recent Baldur’s gate remakes.

Minsc is practically a guarantee.

Coran now lives in Baldur’s Gate as a wealthy merchant (he was in Murder which was the most recent module until they made Descent into Avernus).

Jaheira just seems like a character they like to push, though she might need a new VA.

Viconia is another fan favorite.

Personally, of course, I want to see my favorite character back. Xan. His VA will probably be active until the end of time but I still don’t expect to see him even get a reference. Oh well.

As long as Dragonborn make it into the final game I will accept no Xan.

Go for the eyes iirc

Go for the eyes, boo! Go for the eyes!

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