Bald man protests against bots

That’s great that he’s filling out reports. Full stop. That’s all he should be doing. Not inviting his hundreds of followers into the same shard to slow down resources for all the other players in the area. He’s inviting all his followers to harass everyone in the area he deems are bots (Keep in mind he has 0 proof). For all we know, some of those players were legit and being harassed by others because one streamer decided to abuse his power and act like a GM.


do you actually believe any of this nonsense? really bro?

I hate bots so much.

I love Garrisons and every time I want to open my Scavenger hut it’s IMPOSSIBLE, because there are so many Moonkin Bots at Pinchwhistle Point I am unable to complete the quest. It drives me batty!

Didn’t Blizz ban them recently? Why are they getting worse? :seedling:

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What? Are you seriously saying that 40+ druids moving in perfect sync, following a perfectly linear path, and all from the same guild, are possibly not bots? Even after being recorded and surounded by a raid?
Nah, man. I’m sorry. You’d be right if there was an actual possibility that these were actual people. But the evidence shows beyond any reasonable doubt that these druids in question are bots.

Come on. i can understand if you dislike the streamer. But what you are saying is equivalent of: Ok, this person was found with his clothes full of the victim’s blood, murder weapon at hand, and this video showing him killing the victim. Hmmm, there is no evidence that he killed the guy!!


apparently dozen of bots spamming the same aoe spell dozens of times in the same predetermined path for days on end, clearcutting the area of any mobs as long as they remain = fine

dozens of actual players sitting in a circle in the same area watching = “harassment”

you cant make this stuff up.

Blizz can ban bots weekly and they’ll just buy more accounts. The only time a ban is truly effective against someone is when they ban some goofball who bots from his primary account :rofl: Because that person loses something, these guys who make an account, buy a boost to 50 or do they get a free one :thinking: They aren’t hurt by bans, that’s the cost of business

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I agree, and this is all it takes. (And we get a letter from Blizz thanking us for our report.)

What I don’t understand is why, after getting a Thanks from Blizz for my report, and an assurance that action was taken, I think, ‘phew, now I can finish my quest’, and I return to Picnchwhistle Point only to see another set of thirty or so Moonkin, with different names, decimating the area.


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they were gone for a decent amount of time around SL release, a couple weeks at least. so clearly something worked.

so it’s hopeless? :sob:

IMO, Asmongold shouldn’t invite his followers to lag the entire server for everyone. If you think someone is breaking ToS, report and move on. Inviting everyone to the same shard doesn’t solve anything and promoted lag. He’s breaking ToS by slowing down resources for everyone on that server/shard for no reason. Are you 100% sure everyone there is a bot? How do you know that some aren’t? Either way, doesn’t give him the right to lag the server to allow mass reports.


I see that dumb face i report.

but 40+ moonkin bots lagging the server instead is fine?

And yea, i’m 110% sure every moonkin following that path in the video you refuse to watch is a bot. its clear as day to anyone with common sense.

if blizzard addressed these issues in a timely manner, these types of large scale protests and noisemaking wouldnt be needed.

I love how this post is no longer flagged, the absolute degenerates that reported it had the ignored content revoked. Its a real issue stop ignoring it, we pay a sub fee monthly and expect a smooth experience. There are literally 200 moon kin running in a circle spamming star fire on my server in nazmir, not only are they contributing to server lag but they are ruining the in-game economy and making it harder for people who undertake professions to earn gold.


I can’t believe that I’m go to agree with him on anything… but YES!!!

Hard to take the game serious when blizzard continue to allow such blatant abuse in the game


:man_shrugging: I wasn’t out in Nazmir checking, I was being annoyed on Overwatch because the first quest was bugged (a bit) lol

If your hope is for one day there will be 0 bots then yes. Blizz would have to change the way they ban players, I suggested in another thread (at least I think it was another thread) that they ban the payment method used along with the account and all accounts that used that payment method.

So if you paid for your main account with
Miriel Dathremar
4000 2200 1688 2622

and also paid with that card for all your bot accounts then when the bots accounts get banned that card wouldn’t be usable anymore for any Blizzard product and your main account would also be banned.

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Well, I use cards with codes so theres a workaround there. I think if they pay through PayPal Blizz wouldnt have the CC info either.

Paypal does something similar I think; it collates all the information to ensure user identity and protection.

I hope Blizz reads your answer, it makes a lot of sense. :seedling:

I really don’t understand their spawn formulas… Some stuff it is like trying to get an audience with the Pope in the time it takes stuff to spawn… and I’m not talking some of those old one of a kind rares back in vanilla… I’m talking within the last several expansions. Then you have other stuff (and it always seems when you have to go underground) that spawn again right on top of you just as you killed a mob.

I get that not every mob, or group of mobs can have the same timer… but as a player that has been one of my biggest gripes.

Are you seriously complaining that Asmon “lagging” the server is equally serious as a swarm of bots? Do you really believe that Asmon inviting people, who where not casting any spells by the way, causes more lag than 50 druids all casting starfall?

Really, you are just trying too hard.

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