Balance spec bonuses

Rather s1 then useless s3 for pvp atleast

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100% this.


The appearance question is a separate post.

The double fast cast to enter eclipse combines with the pre-nerf version of the empowered free starfall or starsurge upon entering eclipse.

WISH: You should just buff the damage of sunfire and moonfire on the spec itself since we spend ao long spreading it and keeping it up.

AT THE VERY LEAST: Increase the radius of sunfire.

Please and thank you!

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We still need clarification on the sets we’re voting for, especially which version of the season 1 set is being voted on. I can tell you right now that the the changed S1 from 10.1 is very bad and should not be chosen. However, the original S1 tier (even at 35% instead of 50% amp on the 4 set) is extremely good and would likely be chosen by most people if that’s actually what we would be getting. What would be stupid is if we all voted for the S1 set thinking that it’s going to be the pre-nerf version and end up with what it was changed to during 10.1.


Blizzard everyone who voted season 1 assumed it was the tier bonus that ran the entire season 1! If you troll this vote by giving people the nerfed version that happened after the season 2 started without making that crystal clear you will have sort of ruined the season for alot of druid players


If push come to shove, all the Season 2 and Season 3, could just combine on one of those to out number the Season 1.

It is literally IN THE POST:

“Please keep in mind that we’re going to update the power of the set bonuses to match the increased power of the new gear in Season 4, so any bonuses you choose will be tuned to be as strong as any others.”

You are voting for the mechanics. S1 will be turned back into a free spender, because otherwise than tier bonus is not strong enough to compete.

You can safely assume that all the tier bonuses are going to be “what they were then, and if not strong enough to compete with current tier, UPGRADED to compete”

Just imagine how big an uproar there would be if druids all voted for S1 and they gave the nerfed version.



If you had pulsar at half the ap spent, and CA on 2min cd, we would be perma in cd’s brother. that would be too powerful. there could maybe be an update to the choice node for pulsar to be 300 down from 600 and still have the choice of Orbital Strike if you want 2min CA. But we for sure would never have both 2min cd and 300 ap pulsar

only thing i want them to change about incarn is how they did it back in MOP if youwere in incarnation it would put up both dots if you sunfire it put up moonfire as well was really nice

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if S1 wins the poll you are ALL trolling

Please delete all gear from pvp. Reward lfr gear for normal pvp. Normal-heroic raid gear for rated, plus cosmetics. Have it work like valorant/dota/cod/any sport, and make the only factor how good the player is. If you want to add more mechanics to a class add them through the talent system. Adding abilities through gear is clunky and it makes it incredibly punishing for not doing it correctly, or if the meta shifts, or if you want to play another spec, or if you just want to try something.

Also do all this:
Do more buffs out in the bgs like in warsong, halo did this very well with it’s orbs. Please add more loadout slots, you run out really quickly if you play all your specs. You should add universal talents like what league of legends has and delete all the items you buy from the pvp vendor. Delete engineering and make a tinker class. Make the tinker class a fusion between Bastion, Torbjorn, dota 2 tinker, and engineering. PvP is far to pay to win, and costly for alts. Remove crafted gear from pvp, it’s not fun. It only serves to add pay to win elements to pvp. Please stop adding pve grinding to pvp. I don’t care, stop it, I just want to play pvp. Add rated epic battlegrounds, it will remove the vast majority of premades from normal epics. Have the que-able group size be anywhere from 1-40 for rated epics. Re-add battleground blacklisting. Add a wargames/duel tab to the pvp UI. Add Highmaul Coliseum and Gurubashi Arena to a FFA/BR game mode under quick match. The great vault should have more rows for non gear options or other options for buying with tokens of merit. A random token white to purple. With that token you get a random cosmetic you don’t already have from that rarity level. Put the pvp dragon racing game mode que not on the npc but in the mount menu the way it is for pet battles in the pet menu. Change the dragon riding customization window to the mount display in the mount tab and let us customize the mount talent points inside that one menu. So you can pick the stuff you want on your mount then press find race instead of find battle in the pet tab.

I don’t want to see both, more some updates to what we have.

Those are just some of the ideas I came up with. I agree if we got all of that, it would be too strong.

I’ll say this: We had 2 seasons of Boomies not even equipping the 4 piece in pvp, and 1 season that was probably too good and then nerfed.

As is, s1 is still so clearly the winner that it’s not even close, but s2 could be decent if the numbers changed a lot. S3 2 piece actually feels pretty good, but the 4 piece has very little impact. Again, it could be a numbers thing, but that one seems like a bigger stretch.

Yea, the most powerful tier bonus from the entire expansion… why would anyone want that to win…

Pre-end of Season 1, Season 1 tier pieces were BIS. I voted for them assuming they’d revert it to the next two spends being free when you enter into eclipses. Otherwise with Season 3 having lower downtime out of eclipses feels really nice.

ah yes the NERFED season 1 bonus woo

You do realize they are going to UNNERF it right? The set bonus was nerfed to get you to take the next tier. They are going to rebuff all the set bonuses, because otherwise you’d have an utterly crap tier and they would have MASSIVE egg on their face and a season where half their players would quit.

Man some people are slow.

show me where they’re reverting the nerfs :slight_smile:

numbers could change but its definitely not going the original version. i would still pick s3 even if it was