Balance of Power - Unable to Start


I’ve been trying to start Balance of Power on my Druid for a while now, but Kalec does not appear in my order hall. I know a lot of times people already start the quest and forget about it, but since the first quest is to do the Aid Senegos story line, I couldn’t of completed any part of the quest. I finally decided to finish the Senegos story line last night after still not being able to find Kalec just to get ahead in the BoP questline.

WoWhead brought up completing 3 achievements. I finished those achievements and my class order hall on 09/27/2020. I’ve completed Balance of Power on 2-3 other alts over the last few months, so I felt I had a pretty good grasp on what I was doing. But he just won’t spawn!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Once you’ve done all of the requirements, it can take a few days for Kalec to appear. Since you just finished the Senegos part (which is needed for BoP to appear) last night, Kalec should pop into the order hall in the next day or two.

Thanks for your response. There have been numerous times I’ve gotten BoP before completing Senegos story line. If you get the quest without having completed the Senegos line prior, the very first quest of BoP tells you to complete it.

I wouldn’t think Senegos is a prerequisite to the quest. My rogue can pick up BoP right now, and he hasn’t done Senegos - BoP just tells him to go do the Senegos line… According to WoWhead, the only perquisites are the order hall achieves, which I got back on 09/27. I’d think enough time would’ve passed by now :frowning:. I did see others say it can take a few days after completing your order hall, but it has been a month. This would be my 4th time completing BoP, if I could get the quest.