Balance Druid PTR Changes

Whomever is in-charge of the “redesigned” talent tree and tuning for Balance druids has not the same insight and experience as with someone who know how to play the class. It’s so dumb and makes ZERO sense for any balance druid who actually plays it.

Any “build” is pigeonholed into a 3-dot class with wonky rotations… you cant even get a rhythm on ANY rotations… if we wanted to be an affliction warlock, we’ll roll an affliction warlock, okay? Big spells are flashy but WEAK! All we have is a lightshow and mushrooms, with underwhelming effect. What a total letdown.

I have alts but I only truly enjoy playing Boomkin since vanilla, every expansion, even in Classic. I will most likely be unsubbing to take a break if this monstrosity goes live.

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