Baking in army of the damned(bfa version) and visions of perfection proc into core kit

As others have mentioned I believe that these two abilities should be baseline. They make the spec feel really amazing at least in live. Having random ghouls spawn while you are fighting fit in well with the class and having an engaging way to reduce the cool down of your summoning abilities was not only unique but allowed for more uptime of your iconic minions. Only being able to cast army once per fight feels bad tbh and having swarms of ghouls charge at the boss is always fun to see. If they made the new talent just added more minion types to your summons like magus and maybe something else unique (maybe something that ran in and exploded?) I think people would be happy. I just felt that the class has been the smoothest and more fun when those two things are in place (bfa army and visions proc).

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