Baisc Phial Alchemical Experimentation

So for the last roughly 24hours I haven’t been able to make Baisc Phial Alchemical Experimentation using Dragonflight Alchemy. I can’t tell if it’s bugged or not but I figured I’d post about it just incase so it doesn’t go unnoticed if it is bugged.


its a known bug. look here: Known Issues – Dragonflight version 10.0.2 -- Updated December 19 - #5 by Bornakk
crtl + f alchemy. and you will find Blizzard has turned them off.
All alchemy is in the same boat.


So the issue is that the 4 hour debuff can be instantly reset at any time and I’m not talking about the Liquid Courage item. Basically if you go anywhere non-dragonflight zones like Dalaran or your Garrison, log out and log back in, it clears the 4 hour debuff and lets you continue to do more experimentation.

I discovered it by accident when I went AH shopping in my Garrison, bought some cloth for my warlock, logged out, ate food, and came back less than an hour later to find the 4 hour cooldown was already cleared. I assume others have found out about it too and it was getting around.


Darn, so I’m stuck at alchemy skill 41 for now?

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Yup, and Blizzard doesn’t seem to mind keeping us all in the dark about when we can actually level our profession again

Looks like they pushed a hotfix. Stopped by the bench last night - couldn’t craft. Woke up this morning and was able to perform the Phial Alchemical Experimentation. Back to leveling!