Baddies selling Heroic BoD and CoS

Baddies here selling heroic BoD and CoS for gold!

Every Thursday at 8pm server time Baddies-Stormreaver is selling heroic Battle of Dazar’alar and heroic Crucible of Storms. For the gear funneling we take one of each armor type to a given sale. Items with no armor specialization such as rings, cloaks, and trinkets that could be used across multiple armor types will be put up for buyers to roll on.

All buyers are required to put down a 20% deposit based off which purchase they make.

Prices are as follows:

Heroic Battle of Dazar’alar
Full clear with gear funneling - 375k
Full clear personal loot only - 200k
Specific non-Jaina boss gear funnel - 50k
Specific non-Jaina boss personal loot - 25k
Jaina only gear funnel - 90k
Jaina only personal loot - 45k

Heroic Crucible of Storms
Full clear with gear funneling - 600k
Full clear with personal loot only - 200k

If you’re interested please contact [Eureka#1357] for more details or to schedule a purchase!

Still have sale slots open for both BoD and CoS!

Still looking for more buyers!

Still have openings available!

Looking for next week - June 27th - spots still open

You know you wanna

Still have slots open for Thursday the 27th!