Back from a 30 day forum suspension

During that time, I had a guild leader threaten to blacklist me from all ysera guilds. What give him the right and why does blizzard give him so much influence to control my character progression? That’s not right. I’ve went from 415 to 416 during my 30 day forum suspension, and I blame him for blacklisting me and blizzard for giving him to power to do that. Why did blizzard give that guild leader so much influence on my only toon?

How are they blacklisting you? if they are speaking out in trade or something like that you can report them since it’s considered a “witch hunt” and that is against the TOS to call someone out like that on forums and I believe game too.

Not sure about your forum suspension though, that typically means you broke code of conduct some how and that isn’t hard to do now days so it’s best to keep things to yourself instead of writing them out in the forums.

Thank you for your reply. It was constructive. However, wouldn’t you agree that blizzard needs to hear some criticism about their short sighted developments? It can’t all be accolades from fan boys that have nothing better to do than play 16 hours a day in their mom’s attic.

I agree that the code of conduct is loosely written that one thing you think isn’t against code but it turns out they considered it a “masked” way to express profanity .

I think they read all suggestions but I think requesting they re-visit the code of conduct on forums is probably something they will refuse to do and dismiss the request as just someone upset they got banned.

I myself have been burned by the code of conduct and had a vacation or two from forums so yeah I’ll never see level 3. I’ve learned though that before I write a reply that “could get this get reported?” and if I have the slightest doubt its not difficult to just bail completely on the thread :joy:

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